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Lost Ark review

If you're a fan of MMOs and can handle excessively grindy content, I would actually recommend this. There's some fascinating endgame content and the overall package is relatively cohesive. Unfortunately, I really don't have the patience for 1,000 fetch quests and weapon/armor refinement systems (that often fail).

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After playing it for around 600+ hours i can say that I can't recommend the game to anyone. Combat is really good ,every character feels good to play. Grinding is the worst and wont be fixed ever together with honing which is upgrading your equipment. It would take you 16 hrs per day with 8 char so that you can have a chance to succeed in a upgrade cause since its a korean mmo and the upgrades drop as low as 0.5% success rate or you can pay money to have extra tries.
«Waste of time»
«I could make it better»
No OCE servers, Developers confirmed they have no plans