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Black Squad review
by Leon

Disgusting. As someone who played across many accounts and many ranks, I can totally not recommend this game. It might be fun for the First 100 hours. So if you're search for a satisfying and fast FPS, feel free to try it, though at the time I'm writing this review this game is slowly dying, or has 1k players playing it on steam. There's just too much errors in this game. The Headshot registration system is disgusting. You often see the enemies head flying back from your headshot, you hear the headshot sound, but you deal absolutely NO damage. Other times, your game suddenly crashes in the middle of the match, for absolutely no reason. Game looks disgusting, has a lot of graphic glitches, 90% of the maps are stolen from either CS:GO or other FPS games. Inventory works just like in Combat Arms. Competitive matchmaking system was/most likely still IS completely broken. You could put yourself in a lobby with 4 1000 elo players, you yourself having almost 3000. Resulted in a match against low-rank players that often didn't even know what was happening when a higher Elo player was fighting with them. Other times (only happened to me at late hours) you would be playing a match against people 2 ranks higher than you. For no reason. Developers have taken down many videos of Pro-Players that were showing the true side of this game, and not beautiful skins or satisfying headshots they've done. Developers also banned like 5-6 Great players that never were cheating in the game but community thought they were because they were so good (Scara, Polvi, Hillfear are examples). And no, Developers aren't doing anything to fix any of those things.

In short words, if you search for an FPS that you want to get better in and invest hours in, don't go for this game. You will be better out if you play games like CS:GO or Valorant. At least these games aren't 50% luck-based if your headshot registers or not.
«Buggy as hell»
«Waste of time»
«Ugly as my life»

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Early Access Review So please don't forget it's in EarlyAccess and for that the game is really easy extreme well rarely had an E-A game that so top I'm going to just write ma in punctall pros PROS: Game mechanics is top just so the weapon mechanics-Divers e Game modes with versatile Map weapons from random boxes as well as Real Money characters have no particular/changed characteristics-soundplay and movement For me personally very good game desing and Optics for the required performances really very nice to look at (So playable on older devices) NEUTRAL:-no beginner channel so are initially forced to play with the old (not bad for me personally)-no highping limitation for the EU server exists (but may still be inserted)-one strides relatively quickly so compared to the old Sshoots like WarFace or S.K.I.L.L. is the dying very easily (which is probably the reason for most negative reviews because the 90% of shooters COM something are not used to) CONTRA:-lately more hacker (but are very quickly banished)-im TDM Unfortunately, spawntrapping is too easy and the TDM maps are too small (I don't like TDM already:D)-almost every weapon has a NadeLauncher and that is unfortunately really just annoying (for me the biggest Contra at the Game but justifiable) FAZIT: A solid shooter with an unerme Potential If you stay there and for me personally the best Free2Play title there is at the moment I can only recommend it to everyone to test it ma and make yourself judely:) That was What your Monster was:)
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Product received for free Early Access Review Although I don't have very many Hours in this Game, as an experienced CSGO player, I would like to give my Opinion on this Game:-Graphic: For a Free-to-play Game it actually still looks quite neat as well If some Textures are not razor-sharp. Performance: For an FPS shooter acceptable even strong FPS drops are very rare. -Gamplay: In my Opinion, the maps are quite meagre, not that the Amount of Maps would be the big Problem, but much more Disturb me most of the Layouts and the ' Undone Accuracy ' of many Maps. So it can happen that the CTs can run felt at The Speed of light and can reach pretty much any Place in front of a T, which makes many Maps very CT-Lastig. There is no In-game Voice chat Which is why the Communication with each other is often very minimalist and Teamplay is usually in the Background. Unfortunately, many of the Sounds seem very cheap but most Weapons sound much too similar, which makes it easy to confuse them. -Pay to win: You can also buy Weapons for real Money in the Shop, but all Weapons can be unlocked with an In-game currency and obtained in the Community Market for a few Cents if the Patience Is over. -Fazit: If you're looking for a fun Pastime without wanting To invest in a Game, Black Sqaud Is a good Decision, but I'd advise CSGO if you're looking for a really Comppeactive Game and have €13th left. So I only recommend this Game as long as you want to have a more Casual Gaming Experience and the immature ' competitive mode ' doesn't bother you.
Black Squad Game-play Review - 9/10 - Black Squad is a first-person-shooter game using the Unreal Engine 3 to show realistic graphics and dynamic visuals. developed and published by Neowiz Games. Like other shooters players earn money by playing games and use it to purchase new weapons to use on the battlefield. Play each round as either the Vipers (Terrorists) or the Peacekeapers (UN Backed Counter-Terrorists) across multiple maps and game modes. Which is similar to counter strike. not like most free to play games there is no Pay-to-Win. In my opinion its the best F2P shooter on the market. Easy to adapt and a shooting game oriented for mass military lovers.

Battleye support, dedicated servers, great shooting mechanics and amazing netcode. Break Down What Black Squad Offers! One of the Most Played Games on Steam! Join hundreds of thousands of other Black Squad players worldwide! Whether you’re reaching your 10th hour of gameplay or 100th, there’s always something new to learn, practice, and perfect. Black Squad is updated regularly to improve gameplay, features, and items alongside new and fresh content to keep you entertained!

No Money Necessary, just Pure Skills No money? No problem. Black Squad is a free FPS available for absolutely everyone. No payments, no microtransactions, no money is necessary to play and succeed. All items and weapons are purchasable with in game currency. Real money can be used to purchase cosmetic items. Now is your chance to really improve your skills as a pure FPS gamer. Action-Packed Black Squad offers a wide range of weapons, maps, modes and characters. With this much variety of weapons, maps, and modes to choose from; every game is a new experience. You’ll need to stay alert and adapt to new strategies and tactics. Black Squad gives you the freedom to play how you want to. Figure out your own combat style and what works for you. Like to get up close and personal? A stealthy assassin? Attack from afar? Maybe a master of all!

Play With Your Friends- or Make New Ones! Connect with your Friends, Join a Clan, or Create your own! We feature regular Clan Wars and a Clan Ranked System. Battle it out, prove your skill, and work your way to the top! Don’t forget to join our Official Discord! You’ve Got Support! Come across a problem? Need some help? Have a suggestion? We have a dedicated Support Center here to help you. All tickets receive responses within 24-48 hour working days. We offer support for multiple languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, and Chinese. OVERALL The game overall isn't bad, but at the same time is rather enjoyable. If you're an FPS fan, i'm sure you'll love this game. The Graphics and customization is very deep and enjoyable. And the game play mechanics are somewhat unique compared to other Third-Person shooters. In my honest opinion, if you want a new type of game to play, this is definitely it.

Link Directly To Steam If Interested In Getting This Awesome Free To Play FPS:

Here Is My Video Of The Gameplay and opinion of the game 

«Blew my mind»