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Outlast 2 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Good first impression. I only played maybe 30 mins on a sunny day at like 5 and I was still scared. I liked the vibes right away. My concerns are that I eventually became bored of the walking and hiding gameplay in the first one and I found the battery mechanic occasionally frustrating. 

The story is great so far. I really like it. 

Fuck this game is scary and disturbing. I haven’t even been playing at night and I’m screaming.

It’s hard to play this game for more than 30 minutes because it’s so scary and intense haha.

This game is so creepy and honestly so good. 

I’ve played this game almost entirely during the morning or mid day. Never at dark. I still find myself audible yelling once or twice an hour. 

Beat it. It was scary and better than the first. I didn’t fully understand what was going on. I appreciate that this one was easier to find batteries and it wasn’t as annoying trying to sneak by enemies. The tension was higher throughout the whole game. 

Final Score: B+

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Played: November 17th,2017-March 1th,2018

I like the settings. The desert and school worked well. The story however just confused itself and the characters are eeh. The ending was bad and the villains are not memorable at all.

Grade: C-
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I find it hard to rate Outlast 2. I played the Game earlier and although I like Outlast 1 as much as the DLC So I got less warm with Outlast 2 despite the better Technique & bigger Areas. The latter, in particular, does the Flow of The game no good. There are Areas in the Game that are not Open World but are already quite open. And this leads to the fact that you often like a blind Chicken through the Opposite Race without knowing where the AUgang is. This is just annoying when you are being followed for the xten time. The crowning is still the fact that the Player now has an Endurance. I'm not sure now if Outlast 1 had the one. But it is not uncommon for me to die because my Chara went out of the puff. Funny that the Opponents, on the other hand, have an infinite Stamina!?! Oh yes you can hide. But this hardly benefits here because the Opponents often know where theirs are. General... Outlast 2 I often find stell-white annoying and it just wanted to get fun with me. Just towards the End, the Game runs like Chewing Gum and you just want to have it behind, especially since the Story is hard to understand if you don't read all the news/letters. I clearly have to Praise the Technique of the Game, though. Graphically, the Game looks really good and creates a coherent Image. And if a Jumpscare Comes in, there is a Risk of Heart Attack:) To this Soundscape, which contributes a lot to the Atmo (Please only play with Head Cuss Teachers!) I Also liked the change between Realen/Dreamworld surprisingly well. Verdict: Outlast 2 just shoves a Thumbs down at me. Because giving the Game a Negative Would be a bit unfair because Outlast 2 also has its good Moments. But in my Eyes it was just not a Good idea to make the Areas More open and let the Player look for the right Day out, if you are haunted by a Herd of Opponents. Outlast 1 & the DLC really pleased me to be much better. Still, Outlast 2 is also worth Looking At. But You should bring a lot of patience and a lot of Nerves.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Hi, have finished the Game in the First Run after a good 9.5h. General Super game, Graphics conveys the necessary Outlast Feeling and was supplemented with good Sound. Horrors are also paralysed at Regular Intervals. The Price is according to the Game Quali and Duration appropriate in my View:) Basically, several Passages have come which you have to flee this Time, but there is no shortage of Hide and Seek, but one notices differences from the Predecessors. The Story has mostly Concept and has been well worked up, the Characters are also authentic! Except for one Bug and that you rarely get stuck on a Corner bleardly, the Game was so far technically fine for me. As the only real Criticism, I have to cite a subjective Theme-played the Game on Normal. Even here, however, I had to accept more Death than desired, a Couple is simply collected when you have overlooked the Escape Route, but often I found the Aggressiveness of the "Opponents" too high or incomprehensible. As Examples:-Press opening a Door have moved the Door despite Intent to open it slowly no Nanometer, does it already scream he is in the House ...? OK XD-Other Moment, have done no crash or anything like that and are suddenly sealed off by half the World'S population (don't Worry about it that it's often intended that the Opponents should wander and put one under Pressure, but the Relation Sometimes unclear)-as a small Addition, which even noticed a Friend even in full Health, some Opponents can kill you with one Punch without being a "Boss." Confused I find when some Hillbilly's 3 Attacks need with Machete and others with a Fist Punch Send you to The Respawn;) My Subjective Assessment, vlt it helps one or the other Next. Nevertheless, the Game can only recommend the game in any case and I am happy to have played this part itself, the Predecessors knew only through Lets Plays and therefore experienced it only for Spectator Role. Playing is what else definitely:D