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Dust: An Elysian Tail review
by Max Savenkov

A very beautiful game, but as a platformer and beat-em-up, it's not very interesting. All combats including most boss fights can be won by randomly mashing buttons, and the last boss fights is only hard because of its length.

Also, I couldn't bring myself to care about the story. Main antagonist motivations were never explained: while genocide is always bad, maybe he had his reasons? I mean, he wasn't the Senseless Evil type, some demon or an alien. At some point, the game even made an attempt to evoke some emotions for him, though it fell as flat as the rest of the story.

Cute characters, though.

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Great game. Colorful world and enemies. Balanced difficulty. Fun combat mechanics.

Basic story, functional, but nothing memorable.

Cons: the furry design will throw off some players. Some crafting interface is a bit lacking in the comparison options. The last unlocked material takes a lot of grinding and merchant restock waiting.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
First And foremost, the Hack ' n ' Is Slay. With everything that goes with it. And if you are aware of that, you can forgive a lot and have a lot of Fun. While It's Theory a Role-playing Game with a Metroidvania approach, most of the time you run dull-hing-butchering through the Opponent Rows. The RPG aspect is basically pretty flat: You collect everything the Opponents drop, gradually improve your Status Values, always blindly equip the next Object with green Numbers, bring people X, kill for them Y and get them Z. The Fights reach maximum Depth relatively early. Tactics are not necessarily Necessary because you want to kill a lot quickly and frequently. You don't have to change the Elementary Attack from your Companion, suitable for the Environment. I would have liked to see one or two more Attacks. Otherwise, you will learn new Maneuvers to open up new Paths on the Map. You also have The opportunity to revisit well-known Areas in order to uncover everything there. Not that you'd need the Found ... It's more about you finding anything there at all. Neither Gameplay nor Story are particularly sophisticated or deep. In fact, the entire Plot is very thin, clichéd and predictable. It seems to me like a big Fan Project, not an official Title mt a Budget. Especially in terms of the Quality of the Writing and also some voice Acting, which is above average apart from that. Again, something is tried to compensate with Humor And Allusions, so from because of "Something that is self-ironic, you can't be nasty." The Fights are nice fast though and have a lot of Power thanks to the Animations, Sounds and Picture effects. The Game length is also decent, but I would have liked a few more Cards and the rest could have been a Track smaller. The Backgrounds, the Character design And all the graphic Elephants together with their Movements are very good overall. You can definitely see the Effort that has been put in. But they are not equally talented at every Level, which is why the Overall Experience seems reasonably simple and conventional. But it is by no means bad-not that we misunderstand each other.
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Microsoft from Dutch
This game is from beginning to end a quality action adventure very atmospheric graphics and great voice-acting the character animations are top notch it is unbelievable that the game is made by one guy everything has such a high quality the only thing that I like to see in a follow up is a more diversity in gameplay (fighting the enemies). I played the game with a controller and feels like a full console game experience.
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Microsoft from French
It's a very good game: the graphics are of quality (no blur iPad 3rd generation unlike some opinions), the animations are neat, the gameplay is of quality, a life of honest (from 5h 12h games to defer all the treasures) ... Since I finished it, I go through the Istore desperately looking for such a good game! Very good portage, I hope he will give ideas of others ...
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Microsoft from Deutsch
There are so few real games on the ipad / iphone, but this is a real game. The controls are not great (the reason that there are not that many real games on the ipad), but it works and you can now connect a controller via Bluetooth. Otherwise, I would like more real games on the ipad like the game here, SW Heist, Invisible inc, Agent A etc. The ipad can not do that, why not use it?
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Microsoft from Italian
Made with the utmost care in design from the point of view of playability, care for graphics and details ... displayed in full screen with perfect support for iPhone-X (splendid!), Beautiful to see and play !!! Very welcome implementation of the MFI gamepad finally of serious developers who understand how the gameplay can benefit from the support of these peripherals, should understand a little all the developers but unfortunately not always so Congratulations to the developer, these are the apps that fully deserve the purchase! Made with the utmost attention to design, full-screen support (beautiful!), Beautiful to see and play! Very grateful implementation of the MFI gamepad finally serious developers who understand how much playability can benefit from these devices, should you understand it bit all developers but unfortunately it is not always so ... Congratulations to the developer, these apps are fully deserve the purchase!