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Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire review
by Max Savenkov

A very good game in style of Banner Sage, but with combat tuned for more units. A bit short, though, and no sequel in sight. A pity - I would buy it in a blink.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Very nice Game, the Strory is good, the tactical Fights demanding but well balanced, in short this Game has a lot of what I want With a round-based Strategy title. Criticism is available for 2 Things: 1) Character Development. This is hardly existent to say the least. Heroes never level, and Foot Troops can get better, but they are indistinguishable from each other in any Way. Speak a Level-Up improves the Stats, but the Unit subsequently continues to look like everyone else, called it like everyone else and it's just difficult to distinguish a Veteran from a Recruit. Here, a little more Attention to Detail (slightly Different Looks and individual Names) would have made a huge Difference. 2) The Duration of The game. Yes, I understand that this Game is only the first Chapter of a Series. Nevertheless, despite the beautiful Story and Game Principle, I find it too short for the Prize. But I will still get the next Part (depending on whether it gets a better value ratio, if necessary in the Sale). Still Thumbs up for Whale Hammer.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire (Tahira) is a turn-based combat game inspired by The Banner Saga. The same deals with Tahira the "young" Princess of an empire whose king, his father, was attacked and deposed by an invading force while she was abroad. The development of the game consists of two stages: 1-Exploration: This is limited to move with the keys AWSD (Sisi as well as it sounds, if someone asks for the mouse, ACA tech tip not please) by a predefined scenario and clikear in NPC to listen to what they have To say. The Truth a Boredom 2-Combat: The fight is by turns where we first move all our units and then the enemy does the same. The units are grouped by classes (soldiers, Assassins, Amazons) and are generic with the same attributes, except for the heroes. The heroes have more powerful skills and are the ones who usually decline the scales. The problem in my opinion is that the combat is very repetitive, there is no way to personalize the units (they are all the same, little varied, with the same skills) and this lack of personalization make one of the same as the units live Ono. Finally There is an aspect of the story that annoys me a lot but rezonozco that is something subjective, so maybe the rest of the players do not affect them. It Is The fact that all the time the story refers to the young princess when in fact by her looks like my great-grandmother. It is very difficult for Me to get into the character or imagine an heiress to the throne fighting for his people when it is older than hunger. But that said all this Tahira is not a bad game but one of the lot that maybe can serve to kill a few hours.