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Her Story review
by Patrick Wadden

A completely novel and intriguing concept that actually interested me enough to play a visual novel of sorts, 'Her Story' starts off strong, dripping in atmosphere and fascination before becoming monotonous. 

Get ready for me to call this 'The Dark Souls of Interactive novels' because I'm about to, but maybe in a way you wouldn't expect. See, I think the most defining moment of any newcomer to From Soft's brilliant RPG is when they arrive at fire link shrine and do not know where to proceed. The brilliant level design of Dark Souls does cut out a correct path for you not with waypoints or floating arrows, but instead with difficulty; Simply there is only one route when you are starting out that the enemies are manageable, hence this is the way to proceed. 

'HER STORY' starts off in the same manner. You are thrown into the midst of archiving all these tapes with a simple instruction of typing in words that will bring up videos, with the search words being completely up to you. Sam Barlow employed some tactics to curve you onto the intended progression of the storyline// information such as the search query being limited to the first five videos that contain the phrase you typed or the intelligent script that has a deliberate use of certain words, but it's very easy to veer off the narrative path! 

My experience with this game was as such. I had a lot of fun during my first stint where I played for about an hour, but in that time I was made aware of the apparent 'twist' of the game about 30 mins into it. And as you can see, I have about 3 hours into the game, although some of that is for completing the achievements so I beat it in around 2.5 hrs. That means within 30 mins I knew the big plot points and for the next two hours, I was just finding tangential and somewhat interesting videos to reach the threshold of getting the 'The End' message. Not fun! 

On a very positive note, the story is written well with a BUNCH of thematic allegories that are a bit on the nose for my liking but add something to the story at least. Maybe it adds a bit of frustration when they are constantly hinting at a twist I am already pretty aware of but nonetheless, I applaud the effort. 

All in all, I think it's a great innovation, and its intended execution is fair but my experience of the narrative was a bit poor. 

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"Her Story" is a simple point and click game with a complex story that will give you a brain ache. You explore a police data base that has video clips of a woman being interviewed, you are the one that needs to uncover what happened and how. "Her Story" is a good game with a great story.
weird and cool.  never played anything like it.  its a real experience and a great way to spend a day.
I love her acting. She was very convincing. The song on guitar was cool to albeit crazy.
The story starts confusing and then slowly reveals different aspects to it. It surely captured the feel it intended to get. Game play wise there is not much to it, we need to find clips by guessing tags . It is a fine game . As a newbie to gaming I got to know what gaming as a medium has to offer in storytelling
«Blew my mind»
A great concept executed extremely well. Strong and smart writing helps the non-linear storytelling work very well. In all, a hugely engrossing, creepy, mind-fuck of an experience. Hugely recommended.
clever, unique, and captivating - hard to put down until you finish
Meh game. Story was just ok.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I think the Idea for this Game is great and actually didn't expect much more than an "old Case" unspectacular to solve the Puzzle. But the fact that the Game then proceeding completely passively at the End disappointed me. I expected more than just watching a few Video Clips. Sure, you have to use the right Keywords to unlock certain Videos. But that's also all that makes a Game out of a Collection of Videos. And what's even more disappointing. In the End, you don't even get a satisfying Answer to all the Questions that shoot through your Head during the Game. Nice Idea but too passive for me to go through as a Game.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
It was an Interesting Story. First of All, you have to say that this is not a Proper game, but rather a Film (.-forseation?) Puzzles. One learns the Stories of the Women, whom one can put at will, because You have to find the next videos by stichwords, by white people that the women have given before In their Video commentary. You can also search for any words at will, but ultimately it doesn't lead to anything at all, as it's not the sense of such a Game. History was short, and to get on with some in a bit desperate, it was ultimately worth it. And would probably play it through again, because I threw everything through the first time, and mysterious white had already finished the game. Anyway. Exciting, good story 10/10 * note-You speak in the videos normal English, with English subtitles. So only worthwhile who you have enough English skills.
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
I wanted to like that game and I had appreciated it more if the game didn't introduce itself so much. The whole game is more or less out of the fact that you should follow some twenty different spr, and each sprl ends in one or more clips from the last interview. The first spurt I ended up p gave the answer how and where the dog died. It wasn't about the fact that I just wrote something and ended up by chance, but I just ran one of the many sprints that the game gave me. And the game was really not designed to have what it used to be, say all the must from the rest of the game. For the game, it is difficult to build up tension for some other n exactly how and no one died. The absolute first thing you ask for is two different mainsprings that then branch out into several different sprints, they are the spouse's name and a man something. If you want to be done, do not freeze more or less the whole game by reaching the wrong sprite, with the spouse's name. Interesting concept, storyline and performance quite weak. The fun game I think is good.