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UnderRail review
by Max Savenkov

One of the best RPGs of late. Very good combat, story, crafting. But a weak ending and horrible final boss - be warned, you can play through the whole game with any build, but then find that the ending requires you to use one of the several specific ones :( Also, it has not auto-map (until the promised expansion), so you have to draw the map of the big world by hand on a paper. Old-school! But the game is still very good, so go ahead and play it if you hadn't yet.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
(Open text Formatting correctly if necessary) P o s i t i v Story, Graphics and Dialogues all right. Lage-based Combat System (more like Fallout, no Cover, etc.) good what to discover, like various Bunker Systems, including Laboratories. Also small Fortifications, or Bastions, Caves, tent Camps, Laboratories, etc., And this also besides the Main Story. Great Innovation of the XP system. Here You collect "Ottities," which is Closer to which give you a certain Amount of XP, but can only be collected to a limited extent per Species. These are available by Loot, as well as occasionally by Quests. Alternatively, however, the classic System exists, where Your XP regularly earns by Kills, use of your Skills, etc. Well implemented Pickpocketing, whereby You can steal an entire Group unnoticed without Having to Save again each time. Finding it well, except for a few small Dropouts, when a Unit gets in the Way of it, but nothing that excites you in the Long run. By Keeping it clouded, you now have a few Buttons to Reload, as well as load your Shield. Better than before, but not yet very mature. (Experimental version) Dealers do not buy everything, or from Time to Time (all 90min) always have a different Demand for certain Items, such as 3 Weapons, 5 Components, etc. N e u t r a l Questsystem, or Notebook kept pretty scarce, but so far I have had no Problems with it. Sure, you don't have the Insight Of what to do, or where exactly to go, but somehow you don't experience it again through further Dialogues, etc. No translation, but despite my not very good English, I didn't bother any further, As a result, it remains neutral. N e g a t i v the Map is very confusing, although in Retrospect you no longer know which sector was which and the Description says nothing. And the Note you can deposit helps as it doesn't really continue (Screenshot) the Fight can generally become difficult, as the Opponents throw negative Effects around with Effects such as Anesthesia, freezing, healing brings negative Effecks, etc., which in turn the AP, MP, Accurate safety, Life expectancy, etc. drastically reduced. It's especially fun with the Crawlers, or the Night Stalkers, who can still hide untouchably on the side and are therefore quite OP. A few Effects are fine, but there are too many for me at once, so you often just can't get to your Turn anymore and the Fight is just a Try & Error. Character Development. No Way of a reskills///. You also get too few Skill Points, as the Level cap is already at 25 and so You can't improve your Character in a variety of ways and use only a Fraction of the Available skills, but in turn you have to do your Skills up To Upgrade the stop as the Demands on these increase with the Progress of the Game and they otherwise become useless-Here is a rough example [] (Attributes and Feats sometimes omitted-Some Crafting, so that you can get better Ammunition, as well as a few Grenades in the Later Gameplay Can tinker. Then full on Guns, Dodge/Evasion, Hacking and Lockpicking. Something on Melee has to be, because there are Effects that bring your Accuracy To 0 and otherwise since your Defenceless at the Moment. Grenades, on the other hand, are just as great in Combat. Now You could fully expand a Skill, but there are 10 more, not yet killed) And this Point with Character Development is also the Sticking Point, which is why I no longer make a Recommendation to this Game. You can try it yourself via the Builder linked above, many Possibilities as one thought at first do not arise and this is not a pleasure, but only tries to stretch the Replayability artificially. If then I want to play through the Game and be able to decide whether I am Making further progress crafte, by Pickpocketing, Scourging, or by remote Weapons, or also In the next Moment completely swing to PSI, Because quest Processes, locations and Story repeats itself and thus the Replay value is almost completely killed anyway.