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Craft The World review
by Max Savenkov

I expected more from this game. But the dwarves AI is weak, they don't do much by themselves. This is basically just Terraria with a team of workers under your control instead of a single character - not my cup of tea.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Am not a big writer but after I read the review and I would also be convinced by video on you tube, I bought the Game. Anyone expecting a quick quick zag zag is unfortunately wrong with this Game. The Dwarfs are not the fastest and brightest at times. For the first World, it took me just under 110std. Well have completely dug the mountain over at the end and worked on my Defense which every 45 minutes there is an attack wave from the initial of a small handful of Undead to the Army of Undead, who Unfortunately also cannot be obstructed by Moats. My Strategy at times is to dig at least 4 Field Widths right and left of my building and drop the guys deep first. So that they then have to get past my Defence from the bottom. The young can stack up high to achieve something, but so far they have only been able to skip a maximum of 3 Fields. Since on the Surface important Raw Materials regrow, Wood, Fish and Berries I have laid the entire defense underground but everyone likes as he likes;-) The Graphics are Lovingly designed and the Ki of The Dwarfs is sometimes to run out of hair but the och makes it incredibly happy to watch the boys get to know. The Game is set up 2 Layered, meant to mean that it hides a layer behind the overlook (you look at the funny drift like with an ant mound behind a glass pane). Above the Earthline comes after the 2 layers of the 2 layers a picturesque Landscape emerges, while below the Earth line only dark Rock appears. On the Side, the whole thing is separated by an unusable Sea, Above you also bump to the end at some point. Below Does lava appear At some point, a hot Foot Bath I would not recommend the dwarfs there;-) World 1 houses different Animals for Food extraction and Leather for the first Armor, which are changed in World 2, thus visually occurring completely different but with the same extraction, the same in World 3. What is with World 4 I can not say yet despite almost 300 std I still rule in world 3 around ^-^ there is also a Day Night cycle in which a nice Undead come to visit, unfortunately not to sip Nice tea and chat luckily they disappear above the Earth line at sunne n rise in a small Feur Smoke mixture:-) The Quest Story is well ... Somehow not really present. In Principle, you have a Technolgi ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ which is to be explored and the guardians to find and defeat as they house components to repair the Portal and enter the next World, there you have to repeat the whole thing from the front. But I am excited by the fun Of The game, the Detailed Game world and the tricks and their beautifully animated tools and mesrails, which they gain with each further freely played section from the Research branch. The Food gain is a challenge in itself, which always feed the Guys not. Well have not yet tested what happens if I do not offer them at least 2 things to build up their abilities only laboriously. Walk Away from those Who are constantly in use Lumberjacks; Miners and in Attacks those of the Archer, Warrior and, a little later, The magician (can freeze enemies with Manufactured potions-cure-or turn them into Proverbial Snails and then roast them in Fireballs) still give the Professions of the Hunter, Miller, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Cook, Fisherman's (hope not to have Forgetting) The boys only learn if they carry out the Activity. And at a maximum of 3 talents per Dwarf where the first random one tries not to let the little wusler die;-) To find an end I'm thrilled only annoying is that the Ki is left to be desired from time to time when the boys return to 3/4 des weg instead of building the part as they planned to start. Only 1 helps wait until Dwarf xyz which suddenly does not have to go on the clo or got hunger. Or what I do take control of the dwarf itself and build itself, which is locally related but faster, but you don't have any more sight what the other bunch are doing ^^ but the dive after time has somehow always noticed at one so on the m otto ey old we have long boredom * lach * So I hope that helped one or the other I go now at least ne round after Iron coal silver gold mythril Fool and fall on the side still some Trees and Shrubs, and at the evening there are Fitness Exercises with the Undead.