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The Inner World review
by h

The Inner World is a point and click adventure game in the style of the mid '90s - which really just means "moon logic puzzles in a world that's weird, quirky and random for the sake of being weird, quirky and random and not for any actual narrative reason". As you might expect having read that, this game heroically carries all of the worst things about 90s Monkey Island ripoffs into the modern day - I mean it, you've got all of the classics.

"Charming" idiot protagonist that's even more of an idiot around his Epic Girl sidekick? Check!
Game about nothing that pretends to have some deep undertones but doesn't actually do or say anything? Check! 
Weird dystopia that serves no purpose aside from making everything just that little bit more Dark™ and Serious™ and Grim™? Check!
Bizarre, out of place humor despite the weird shitty grimdark environment? Check!
Religious overtones where every religious character is buffoonishly corrupt, evil, stupid, apathetic or all of the above? Check, but to be fair, every other character in this entire game aside from the Epic Girl can also be put under one of those categories, so…
Awful moon logic nonsense impossible to solve independently puzzles that used to serve the purpose of baiting the player to buy a manual or call a tip line but in the modern day serve no purpose except making your game really tedious? All over the place.

Seriously, it's like they found a checklist of shitty '90s point and click tropes and just went down the entire list. They even have the bizarre demographic problem that games like Woodruff had, where it's not quite going to be suitable for kids but you're definitely not gonna be sitting here in your mid 30s enjoying a game where you're playing as Diet Spongebob who has a flute for a nose.

It's like how Yooka Laylee is supposed to be a love letter to 90s collectathons, and is also like Yooka in the way that both of these games dramatically fail to recapture or even really understand the charm of the genre they're trying to bring back to such a degree that it actually kind of amazes me.

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Fun and not too challenging point and click game. Good humor as well!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Inner World is a Point & Click Adventure, with a very special Charm. As Robert, Novice and Draw son of the Conroy Wind Monk, we get released quite suddenly into the Previously unknown outside World and meet there llables of sturdy, funny and amazing Characters. These introduce us very vividly and credibly to the History of the Empire of Asposien. Our Task at first is to retrieve the Amulet that has been stolen from the Pigeon hack. What emerges as a simple Task evolves throughout history into a very witty but sometimes sad Adventure, with an astonishing amount of Wind involved. But I won't spoile at this Point, because the Story contains some surprising Twists and rousing Narratives. The gaze story, the "How, why," is very harmonious and atmospheric. The graphic style may seem old, but this doesn't bother a bit in this Game. Because the naïve Drawing style fits very well with the very naïve Attitude of many Characters, such as the protagonist Robert. The Soundtrack is simple, but it also undergoes the whole thing well. The Synchronization was almost invariably successful, only the Windmonk at the Beginning could have been set to music a little better. All in all, The Inner World Is a very sweet Game with around 6 Hours of Play, depending on how fast you are. You can't create the Steam achievements in one Gear, but you have to take the Game through two times. The Successes themselves are not done quickly either, because you can do things "wrong" In order to get The Successes. So try a Lot around and talk to everyone twice and threefold and interact with Objects a lot is worth it if you want to have the Successes. A Buy recommendation for The Inner World Is made unreservedly!
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
Cannonball game. And maybe interactive touch too? The old idea of ​​a world on the inside of the globe converted into game environment. And a good beard. Refreshing cartoon graphics, a little per line. Far from all half-healthy fries to create 3D effect. It has 2D! In a good way, all right. Can take a while to figure out what to do and how to do it. Talk to everyone and try everything. You often have to think in several steps and combine info from different levels. And do not give up, sometimes you seem to think quite right, but then it does not succeed in any case, and then it is just to take new tag. Funny comments too. And suitable different attitudes among the different people. It is easy to keep pace with the fact that the figures sometimes do not make any difference in the situation and that the developers do not question all the possibilities that the players can think of finding. And at least on an iPad mini retina there have been no crashes. Well, one actually, but it didn't matter. And it didn't come. Good help guide also, in several steps you can get a little tip on where to go or how to think and if it does not help you for a more detailed rd. Just got a few times when it didn't. The game is not long enough, but if you take it easy and explore the millions, it will take a while. S a clear recommendable game. Cozy mood, refreshing graphics and good story.