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Sniper Elite V2 Remastered review
by NikTheZocker

I really want to like this game, but I can't. Maybe it's better, if you don't have played the first title before, but Sniper Elite 2 does not feel like a sequel, but like cheap remake.
Yes, the graphic has become better and the controlls got a well deserved work over, but that's about it. The AI became stupid, either is rushing at you like no ther is tomorrow or simply shooting at your postion, even if you're not even there anymore. It's pathfinding also is kinda buggy sometimes.
The stealth system suffered immensely. I don't even feel the need to go stealth anymore, especially because I have a Call of Duty like auto heal mechanic. Talking about Call of Duty, while the maps in the first title are way bigger, the maps in the second installment are like in a Call of Duty Game. Linear, scripted and way too small for a sniper game.
Besides the game forces you to either snipe your targets or to go stealth. It totally lacks the freedom of approach from the previous game. Most of the gear is useless too. You may choose now between different sniper rifles, yes, but the use of trip wires or mines, not to mention the dynamite, is simply not necessary at all.
The only two missons of the rather dull story I had partly fun with were those, where you had to fight against the other sniper squads. Besides the story, only the Kill Tallies are fun. The Challanges are all right compared to the campagne too. But all in all Sniper Elite 2 feels like Nazi duck hunt, with the ducks shooting back from time to time.
Wait until it is in a sale or simply buy the first Sniper Elite.

2,5 / 5
«Disappointment of the year»