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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl review
by Braydoon

Extremely underwhelming 

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I'd rather play this then platinum, so I'd say its a succesful remake.  I think the chibi art style is cute, and very reminiscent of the gameboy / ds graphic style.  It's not the best batch of pokemon design wise, and its the same story as it always is, so theres that.  These are my least favorite box legendaries as well.  It is, however, well paced in regards to the difficulty of the trainers/bosses/elite four relative to how levelled you are while fighting them.  Pokemon games are easy, so I never struggled, but it wasn't like most games where my starter can one shot most things for the entire game.  this was also the least amount of grinding I've had to do to beat the elite four.  Overall, If you a fan of the originals and think it might be time to revisit them, or you are a fan of pokemon games but you never played the originals, this is definitley worth your time.