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Borderlands 3 review
by something

it s a cool game with cool gameplay and nice effect that really perfected the looter shooter and having insane weapon with good handling, all the rest is crap 
«Sit back and relax»
«Better with friends»

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I love this series. This is one of the few games I've completed. Borderlands 3 is a very good sequel. Every aspect of the game has been improved, graphics, gameplay, variety of upgrades, and weapons. The music, script, and humor remain as cool as ever. But not without problems, this game is too easy(. If you want to see all, walk through all quests, grind mobs, and find secrets, you are becoming too powerful and the challenge disappears. 
«Better with friends»
It’s more borderlands. The normal borderlands loop is fun and seems decent. I don’t like the new villians and the humour feels like it’s either worse, or maybe just dated, idk. I’m not chuckling much. Also the map so far is like the exact same style as the previous two. I hope we get some cooler new zones later on.

Meh. I’m still early but I’m first impressions are middling. The story and writing hasn’t done it for me. Every now and again I laugh but a lot misses in between each hit. The worlds I’ve found uninteresting, although I’ve only been to two biomes. The abilities and skill tree is pretty uninteresting. Idk what it is. I’m sounding negative but none of it has been bad… just also not that good. I havnt been drawn in yet. I think it’s too easy and I wish it was a bit harder. Thinking I might just golden path but we will see.

I’ve been a bit harsh. It’s picked up. Mostly due to getting new guns at a higher rate. The random guns generator is great. There’s lots that are fun to test out and I’m finding lots of guns that feel really good, which is the point of the game. 

It’s been getting better. The guns are a lot of fun. I’m constantly switching it up to try out new ones and I’m usually really liking them.

I’ve been golden pathing the game and it still hasn’t been very difficult. I think I’ve died maybe twice the whole game? And they were just because I wasn’t really paying attention or expecting death. I wish it was way more challenging so Id care more about my progression or build. I’m pretty much just running around testing out the new guns when I get them. Which is fun, but a bit shallow. 

Beat it. Story was bad, pretty uninteresting, painfully cheesy at the end. I chuckled every now and again but overall the writing is weak. The worlds were okay. Kind of boring for a modern game and the classic borderlands style still looks good, but not as good as it once did. The guns were great. Lots of fun guns, I just wish the gameplay was harder so I actually had to try to find the best guns for my situation. I golden pathed  pretty much the entire game so I was underleveled yet I still never died and I crushed the final boss easily. Ends a low B+. It was fine but I will not be rushing to play Tina’s Wonderland or any other borderlands game anytime soon.

Final Score: B+
Borderlands more like la licence au bord du gouffre
I'd recommend it with a friend or three. Can be a bit monotonous solo. More enjoyable if you use a build that works well. Looting is a bit meh, hard to tell sometimes if a weapon is better than another, and there's no armor to loot.
«Better with friends»
It would be an Exceptional game if the story didn't crap in the face of all the fans. Gameplay is slick and progression has many quality of life changes. The story however very disappointing
It's more borderlands.
«Sit back and relax»
«Better with friends»
Didnt live up to our expectations
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
This was my most anticipated game of all time. Never before had I been so anxious and ecstatic about an announcement I had wanted for nearly seven years. Now that I have played it several times im must confess this story makes me mad and is still irritatingly runs at a snail's pace when in menus. But the game has some of the most freestyle form of gunplay i've had the pleasuring of experiencing. Every character is so much fun to play as, despite the fact that these are the worst set of Vault Hunters in the entire franchise. The Graphics are fantastic for the art style and the new worlds are the greatest thing to happen since Elpis. In the end this is not my favorite Borderlands by a long shot but still ends around an 8/10 for me thanks to the improvements in gameplay, visuals, gun variety, class variety, and its diverse locations. - End note... Gearbox fix your goddamn writers room and get Anthony Burch back into the chair because holy damn the writing has be spotty since BL2. 
On paper this should be the best game, but the lack of heart, bad framerate, clunky menus, and painful writing made me not get into this one as much. Customization is fun and it’s still a Borderlands game, but it’s very much in the same vein as Pre-Sequel.
Terrible story with the same classic gameplay of borderlands and good side quest 
«Sit back and relax»
«Better with friends»