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Brawl Stars review
by Ocelotiki_Ko

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Awesome Team strategy game !
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Brawl Stars is a game that has the worst matchmaking in the world. You will be in the same team with idiots with low levels all over the world. You gonna lose 100 cups in a row when you pass 4000 trophies. If you wanna enjoy a game and stress-out, this is not a good choice because of this game can give you only cancer. 
«Waste of time»
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Hi, The game is very nice and full of novelty, but I beg you to moderate some things that really nerve, yesterday I dropped 100 cups, in fact I was at 4976, and I found myself losing games all the time even when I was committing, and I lost cups on cups to Getting off at the 4870, since the matchmaking was scary, I played with several brawlers, all at the 14th grade, since I can't find brawler since a while, and I played against teams with level 10 brawlers and exaggerated cups when compared to mine, without neglusing the fact that I played with people blatantly nabbe or unskilled, and it seems really strange that in 15 games did not win one, and this leads me to uninstall a game that from many points of view is wonderful, but you lose in the water drops , and I passed the urge to play, because I was enough to make a match and then lose it, now I'm trying to recover cups and are at 4916 Cups but you understand that you can not do such a thing, then all the brawler I have are at least at grade 14 , others even to the 16th, so you lose many cups, even this seems unfair to me, in these respects I hope you make a reflection, however, is, for the rest is a really fantastic game.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
As said in the title it is a very good game there is no problem on it! It has only two small points that bothers me a bit! The first concerns the survivor mode, when one makes a quick attack in panic with crates around, it would be nice if the attack targets the enemy rather than the crate! So yes we little targeted but when it's in the rush because an opponent just appear nearby, the simple clique is more useful, but the PB is that if there is a crate nearby, the attack will instead go to the crate and that is quite annoying! Second little point that concerns a little all modes but happens more frequently in survivor mode again. When a dead enemy reappears, there is a moment of invulnerability which is normal! But would it be possible to make sure that he could not attack? It often happens to be opened by an invulnerable enemy who just appeared! The most infuriating example is in duo survivor mode, at the end when the map is very small when you have full power cubes that your teammate is dead and you finish the last guy but that just at the moment are buddy reappears just before you invulnerable enough the time to finish you despite your advantage! It's enough that it's a personal like Shelly with a super and it's over! That was a bit long but at least I explained my two little points!
So this game is quite fun. But there's a lot of problems in it.
The controller is suck. Even there's an option to lock its position, it's keep on moving on the screen. Also, it often become unresponsive.
The hero — they call it brawlers — is sluggish. Someone in the Play Store describe it well: Like moving on water or ice. This sluggish movement is perhaps coming from the controller problem. You'll see a lot of unintentional turn or you can't even walk straight.
Another problem is the matchmaking. A classic problem in mobile MOBA game. This one is based on trophy, not based on brawler's power. So you can have your power level 1 against enemy's power level 4 brawler.
Brawlers are also imbalance, some of them have bigger damage while still having longer reach. Some even can stun you (each attack has its effect until they reload) and you won't be able to do anything until you're dead.
Somehow, some of the players just don't pay attention to the goal, brawlers' abilities, situations, etc. It is worsen by the fact that there's no "chat" tool in the game. Like a button for shouting "I'll be the gem carrier" or something like that.
Last one is the lag. Yeah, perhaps it's quite understandable because of server location and internet connection. But if you read those review in the Play Store, a lot of them complain about the lag.

So, yeah. While this game have a lot of potential (many game mode, fast paced battle, good character design, interesting gameplay), the negatives just drag this game down.
«Disappointment of the year»