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Mortal Shell review
by HuibFG

Mortal Shell is overtly inspired by Dark Souls and is very succesful in challenging the player in a similar way and in conveying a similar feeling. Dark Souls veterans will have a lot of transferable skills, but will also get to learn new mechanics, new timings and a new health/stamina/“magic” management system. Don’t expect the same scope, however: the development studio is a lot smaller and it is reasonable to lower expectations somewhat with regards to game length, voice acting, audiovisual design and variety in character builds, weapons and enemies. I also encountered an immensely disorienting visual bug during the final fight, so it might be wise to check if that has been fixed before you buy, perhaps as part of the Enhanced Edition for PS5 and its contemporaries. 
I had quite a good time with Mortal Shell and I will probably want to play it again in a year or two!

Other reviews7

a little short (and this is coming from someone who thought portal was exactly the right length), but probably the best souls-like i've played apart from ds1

a rare example of a souls-like with meaty feeling combat, an interesting & original twist on the formula, and a great setting/atmosphere
Really cool game, nice combat, graphics, history. The bosses could be tougher.

Date Completed: 2021-11-28
Playtime: ~ 24h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: Absolutely.
İlk souls-like tecrübemdi. Gayet beğendim. Tabii, henüz oynamadığımdan dark soulslarla kıyaslamasını yapamayacağım. Ama farklı karakterlere geçmek güzel bir mekanik olabilir. Hardening bayağı iyi bir mekanikti ayrıca. Yaratılan, o souls likelara has umutsuz ortam, kaliteli biçimde yaratılmış. Oyuna girdiğinizde tüm hayat enerjinizin topraklandığını hissedebiliyorsunuz. Boss tasarımları da hoştu, yaratıcı tasarımlar vardı. Denenmesi gereken bir oyun.
I loved this game. For me, it fits in right up there with Dark Souls and The Surge. The combat was spot on and enjoyable, just the right combination of surmountable challenge. I hope there's a Mortal Shell 2 with a longer run time and more customization.

Date Completed: 2020-10-14
Playtime: ~ 17h
Enjoyment: 9/10
Recommendation: Absolutely.