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Kane and Lynch: Dead Men review
by ChallahBread

Parts of classic action movies mashed together by a guy with severe manic depression. Do you like Heat and wonder what it'd be like if the guys who made Freedom Fighters would try their hand at gritty straight-to-VOD action flick games? Well, wonder no longer because all the terrible realities of crime and war are on full display in a game about managing your crew (that won't listen to you), realistic shooting (read: terrible recoil and super loud gunshots), organic storytelling (tidbits are revealed in easily ignored muttering during scenes where you're not paying attention because wait is that a helicopter?) and multiple endings (that are both total downers)! Remember that scene in Collaterol, the one in the nightclub? What if you were tired from jetlag and missing your pills but had to somehow deal with a push dagger as your only tool? It's both kinda neat and really stressful. It deserves its low-to-moderate rating but it's a hellride you'll never forget. Shame about the multiplayer since no one played it when it came out so even less than no one's playing it now and it was intense fun. Now that the dust has settled and Jeff Gerstmann is a slave to another major corporation, would I recommend Kane and Lynch to a new audience? Sorta, with heavy caveats: it's a slog to play through (especially Act 3) and today's gamer has a hard enough time dealing with characters you're supposed to dislike - this has two of 'em and they're scum. That said, I'll die on the hill of defending this game and would totally get a tattoo of The7's logo.
«Liked before it became a hit»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»

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Great for the time, decent story and alright characters.
A gloomy couple or fellow travellers?

This story is about two opposites who had to work together. The game is well directed and looks like a movie. Some of the scenes are just masterpieces.

Personally, I loved Kane's flashbacks when he was out of commission. His memories and reflection on the mistakes he made in the past that won't let him go. After a moment, they are interrupted by a shot of adrenaline from Lynch and then Kane gets up through the white fog continuing the fight.

Separately, I want to mention the composer. Jesper Kyd has created a unique Soundtrack that lends itself perfectly to this game.

A walkthrough is highly recommended.
«OST on repeat»
Bought the game because it had my name in it, turned out kinda liking it
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Microsoft from Deutsch
"Kane and Lynch: Dead Men" is a story-driven linear Third-person coverage shooter. We are Kane, a failed Mercenary who ended up in Jail. Almost always by our Side: The psychologically unstable Lynch, who sometimes has mental Breakdowns and becomes unpredictable. After we fled Captivity with him, he no longer gives way from our Side. He is watching us to do what the Men who kidnapped our Wife and daughter have ordered us to do ... Game Mechanically, we are not one in the cover shooter. Most of it works solidly, although it also happens that our Character only reluctantly takes Cover or our Shots get stuck on the Wall right in front of us, even though we clearly aim past her. Gun Selection is shooter Standard. In addition, even Pistols with a single Shot scatter quite strongly (and not because of the Wave-particle dualism). Our Companions (at first it's just Kane, later our Squad becomes more extensive) we can give rudimentary Orders on how to attack who or where their next Waypoint is. The Graphics were also 2007 Average, only some Lighting effects can be very atmospheric. And the Gun sounds are unspectacular, too. The Scope of the Solo Campaign is manageable and the AI Is not the brightest. Although it takes Cover and acts independently in larger Areas, which can lead to entertaining, Observable Battle scenes, on the other hand, it also manages not to recognize its Opponents when they stand one Meter next to it. Doesn't really Speak for a Recommendation and yet: "Kane and Lynch: Dead Man" not only has a relatively good And exciting Story line, but above all outstanding characters. Failed Existences, finished Types. Not Heroes, but Criminals who make Mistakes, who make highly questionable, despicable actions. Who constantly get into their Hair, cannot trust each other, because they are often unpredictable. The grandiose Lynch, in particular, is ambivalent, fearsome and fickle. These are real Characters and you don't often find that in the shooter area. And that makes this otherwise rather weak game a Special One. The excellent setting of figures also contributes To this quality of figures. And I'm clearly talking about the English one, which-as is so often the case-is just a weak Gossip with bad Overacting. The English Speakers are really good, and that's not just true of the Main Characters. Up to short Interjections, which you often only hear from any Opponents in the Background, the Synchro is right. The Question of when and how Music or small Sounds are used is also intelligently solved. The Disco, which we visit several times, is a Prime Example of this. The first two Times she's full of People, loud Music roars out of the Boxes, the stroboscope lights leave little to spot. Then all the Dancers are gone, the Lights on and an amazing Emptiness arises mainly from the Silence that fills the Room. Rating: 8/10 Atmosphere 8/10 Story 6/10 Graphic 7/10 Sound 5/10 Game Mechanics 6/10 Balancing 6/10 Play Deep 7/10 Game Pass Conclusion: Game Mechanically Middle sumptuous Cover Shooter with grandiose and unforgettable Characters. 7/10 Overall Rating