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Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time review
by João Carvalho

The game is pretty good, with some good visuals! However, this was made for hardcore gamers... As a "normal" guy, who just wants to have fun in a platformer, this game was way to hard. I would reach a point in each level where I would be like "ok, screw the boxes, I'm just finishing the level". Other than "not having fun", the game is pretty good, with some gameplay aspects that feel fresh but at the same time incorrectly used.
I would tag this "constantly dying and not enjoy it".
Also OST feels very cheap, when comparing to the originals.
«Just one more turn»

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Genuinely floored they made a game that feels right as Crash 4
So disappointed with this game, ive been a nonstop Crash fan since the first release, played 1-3 probably few thousand times and every Crash game to date.

This game is so ridiculous in a way that it caters ONLY to the hardcore gamers. Crash 1 was legit hard but average players can still beat it and have fun. The difficulty of this game consists mostly of 2 things: The length of the maps and the camera angle behind Crash which is so zoomed out that its hard to control where he will land, thats why they added the location marker under Crash which i thought was a decent fix but poor design nonetheless.

Best Crash games have Crash zoomed in more (just like some of the maps in this game like Nitro Processed which is actually one of the few maps that i liked). The length of the maps are so ridiculous because its EVERY map and they are so tedious that each hindrance is just repeated again and again. It feels so lazy, uninspired and uncreative, because most maps actually have 1-2 good ideas that the whole map consists of. ND did this sometimes like in Crash 1 but it was mostly the 2 stages of going over the bridge which were relatively short because they were so brutal. Here its every map and they are so ridiculously tedious.

The audio for this game is very boring, best songs are poor remixes of the masterpieces from ND. The only reason i give it a 2 is because of good graphics and cutscenes. I thought they were the best part about this game and i liked how Dingodile was expanded and become a retired good guy. Kinda like Crash Bash.

Anyway i regret purchasing this game on sale because i've already uninstalled after beating the game because i just dont wanna go through those maps again. I liked that they added content and more characters but alot of it is just lazy (like reverted diamonds and different colors for bosses) or super hard like finding all the stupidly well hidden boxes while not dying - Just isnt fun at all.

I had a miserable time beating this game because i dreaded every single level where Crash never got to breath or slide or anything. Every map is clustered with endless hindrances every step and thats just not Crash and never has been. The masks were remaked from Wrath but i consider that game vastly superior. Its the true 4. I've never been this critical of a Crash game and i played Titans which were terrible but i knew that at time and i wasnt hyped for those releases.
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
This is definitively The Greatest Crash Bandicoot Game Ever Made ™.

I say this as someone whose first video game series was Crash and believed that we’d never see a Crash game as good as Naughty Dog’s again. Crash 4 takes the best elements of the original 3 platformers (including many excellent aspects of Crash 1 that were abandoned even by Naughty Dog) and builds on top of them.

The art style is striking and brilliant. The animation is full of personality consistent with and surpassing the originals, and each level is beautifully detailed. Extra playable characters are a wonderful addition and totally keep in line with the feel of the rest of the game.

Mandatory parts of the game are a solid challenge, but the bonus stages and optional content are on another level. These segments will push your Crash platforming ability to the limits and are immensely satisfying to complete.

This is a beautiful game full of personality and excellent content. It’s clear that the developers loved what they were making and I love it too.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»