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Old Man's Journey review
by capetaun

I would have slammed the door in his face honestly. Good game tho

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Great game for touch devices: short, beautiful art, drama story. 

7.5 hills of 10
Very very very very very boring. Arts are beautiful though.
Beautiful visuals, very atmospheric, cute story, and innovative gameplay. However I do have 2 small issues with this game: First of all, the handheld controls are really bad. I know the game is designed to be played on a touch screen, but if you are giving the option of playing with a controller, at least make it a more pleasurable experience. And my second issue is with the audio. The music loops tend to run a bit short, so, If you spend more than 2 or 3 minutes on the same screen, you will start to get annoyed by the repeating background music loop, and for a game with a very slow and relaxed gameplay, that's not great.

Anyway, still a great experience, and definitively worth it!
Beautiful idea, not perfectly represented.

The core concept of moving the landscape to progress is great, if atleast a hint or tutorial would be given when starting the game.

The protagonist backstory and reason why he is on the move is a bit too egoistic and the end feels not earned. The game is very short but the train session feels excessively long and boring nonetheless.

Old man surviving waterfall drops is a bit of a stretch.  
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Microsoft from Deutsch
In Old Man's Journey you take on the part of the title character in the Body of a Country and experience an emotional Journey through lovingly hand-drawn backgrounds and always matching and lovely music Support to the Setting. Completely without Time Pressure, one can feel more and more into the personal Story of the "Old Man" and dedicate oneself to the extraordinary "Puzzles." These are absolutely unique and really original to describe. The Game not only scrolls to the left or the right, but only up and down, whereby one creates identical Transitions by Moving the Layers and thus can reach new Regions. I'Ve never seen it like this before and it's incredibly Fun! The Game also generally creates an instant connection with the Main Character through Lovingly designed Settings. I'm playing the Game a second Time, as I'm so impressed by the Game world and I keep Discovering New things and stumbling Across the love of Detail: Right at the Beginning the "Fly," Flying out of the Open Door of the Plumpsklos with matching Mudflesses or later the Possibility to play with the Shutters of the Hotel De la Neille like on a Xylophone-I had overlooked everything smoothly when I played through the first. But also the technical Gimmicks like: The excellent Wayfinding and the Acoustic Background sound that Adapts to the scenery (the Soundtrack is a Force) up to the really fun mini-games by train and the Truck (they would also give me as Standalone Fun). In General, when you play, you might think that the Developers had real "childish assistance" in Programming. Everywhere there is – regardless of the Puzzles-something to discover and click on (a la Pettersson and Findus) and best of all: Everything is completely peaceful – no Weapons, no violence-a Game that can be unreservedly recommended to parents/children and thus absolutely among the few Impeccable "Pearls" in The current Computer Game age. My Respect in the Design of the Game world and the associated peaceful action or possible Solutions! Finally, an extra praise to the Designer of the Scene, in which the Title character falls down the big Waterfall and dives deeper and deeper into the sea and thus into his thought/story, in order to find himself singing at the Campfire a Few Minutes later! Symbolic and playful just awesome? Old Man's Journey: Absolute Game Recommendation worth it and already one of my indie Higlights of 2017! A few of my enthusiastic impressions during the Game ... Omg... This game is so amazing! The graphics is so lovely! The story is so spiritually! The music is so beautiful! The puzzles are so inspiring! this game wakes up my inner spirit! This game is so peacefully! This game is so emotionally! this game lets me cry! this game lets me laugh! this game lets me feel the life! this game lets me thinking of my own life! Old mans Journey is the jouney of all of us! Please let this Journey never end! One of the best game i ever played in my life.
This game is weird.
First, we need to talk about how it is played.

You take the mouse and click somewhere. Your character will then walk there, if possible. If he cant, he'll question your decision with a "?" above his head. You can then take the terrain and literally drag it up or down with the mouse.

So, why was that important you ask?
Well, it is important because it allows the game to make you "Move landscapes". And let me tell you that this is an Experience. I rarely have this moment where I go "Wow, why didnt I think of this" but this time I certainly have.
Moving terrain feels not only great, it also ties into the aesthetic of the game, which is that of a layered drawing.

But such a simple mobile game obviously would not get the "Exceptional" tag if it was only for that.
No, Old mans Journey has another trick up its sleeve.

When I play it (20 years old), I just see a fun game that offers an easy experience that allows you to connect to 'old' people. However, give this to your grandpa, like I did, and the experience is COMPLETELY different.

He knew the cars, he knew the type of people, he knew the terrain. For a second he was able to get "back" to that time, and he was happy to tell me all about that while enjoying the game. And -that- is why this game is exceptional. It not only offers a good game, it offers a great game for people that generally dont get one.

If you know someone that is from the age period 60+, I would HIGHLY recommend trying this game with them. Especially when they have never played a game before. There are some parts that are a little harder to understand, but it will make for an awesome experience.
«Blew my mind»
«Liked before it became a hit»