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Rumbleverse review
by xXWoodinatorXx

After the first game I thought I was going to quit after game 2 or 3 but it actually picked up and I want to win at least one game.

I got a win on day 2. I’m getting a better understanding on the mechanics of the game and honestly it’s pretty fun. Definitely more fun than I expected. Got a second win. I’ve played 21 games and I have 2 wins which feels not bad. 

My ideal set up so far is a high priority attack like that uppercut and then a slow heavy hitting tackle type move.

Back to back wins on day 3. I’m getting good. There is a surprising amount of skill in this game. It’s deeper than I expected. My favourite thing is elbow dropping somebody off a skyscraper, or even better is when it’s some special move off a skyscraper. 

The Rock Paper Scissors between strikes, grabs and shields is simple yet effective in the sense that you can always get out of a scenario if you choose the right one but you need to know what to do. It feels great when you put someone in a blender and you can just predict exactly what they are going to do.

8 wins now. I’m really liking Rumbleverse a lot more than I expected. The worst part about it is that it takes way too long to find a match for how short the rounds are. Games are fast, which is great and works for the format but they are only ~15mins per match, and that’s if you win. And it takes like 4 to 10 minutes to start the next game.

I don’t play fighting games very often but this might be my favourite take on a fighting game. 

I’m still learning about better ways to win match ups. I’ve realized weapons visceral attacks beat everything except supers so that’s another key use. Although my favourite thing is throwing things at people.

I really binged this game. Rounds are short but I’ve played a ton of games. Rumbleverse is way better than I thought it would be. 

Done for now. Probably won’t ever return but Rumbleverse surpassed my expectations and turned out to be a fun, unique, and surprising well balanced and deep game.

Final Score: B+