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Entropy: Zero 2 review
by Notly

A very good sequel. The author of the mod did a good job. The first part was a warm-up compared to this one.

The new weapons, especially the pulse gun and Apperture grenades, were a pleasant surprise. And the kicking, of course.

Implemented the ability to control a squad. A kind of special forces unit from the world of "Half-Life". The only thing is that there is no way to give a specific task to each combine.

The storyline, music and atmosphere of the game are very addictive. From the beginning we have questions which are answered towards the end. The character's remarks, which change depending on the situation around, strongly contribute to the revelation of the character's character and motivation.

And of course, the flashbacks that the protagonist sees are amazingly well done! It motivates you to avidly devour chapter after chapter and get involved in the events with interest.
«OST on repeat»