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Fable Anniversary review
by Notly

This is a remaster of the original game «Fable», which was released several years ago. While the game retains some of its appealing features, it fails to preserve the brightness and charm of the original.

One of the main issues with «Fable Anniversary» lies in the fact that, during the remastering process, some elements lost their originality and uniqueness. The vibrant fairy tale atmosphere from the original «Fable» is somewhat diminished in the remaster. As a result, the game may not evoke the same enthusiastic feeling among fans of the original.

Another drawback is the loading screens between each location. I believe the developers could have consolidated the zones, as is done in modern open-world projects. The constant loading screens can be annoying.

While the remaster offers the opportunity to relive the original «Fable» with some enhancements, personally, I prefer the original.

However, taste is subjective and can vary from person to person.

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This game is old wow. It feels old too. Very slow and boring tutorial but the game hasn’t really started yet so hopefully it gets better. I may not last long based on the first impressions though. I’ll give it a decent chance though.

I didn’t give it a decent chance.

Current Score: B-
The best version of one of the best games ever made.  RIP Lionhead.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game offers everything you would expect from a Remake:-bad PC Port and the Years after Consoles Release-ghastly control (Neither with Controller nor with Mouse and Keyboard good)-disgusting Faces-blurry graphics-etc. I'm normal no one who gives negative Reviews to a Game, I always think there's always something why you can recommend a Game. At Fable Anniversary I thought to myself in Advance "Wow cool jetz commts finally has more or less to offer for PC no matter obs than the Original buy you, then you can play Fable again" I have to say that the Original on Windows 7 doesn't run (more) Since it crashes at every Loading Screen. But unfortunately, simply Playing the Game doesn't work. Contrary To view, I like a lot, but if I can change only a few Star settings in a PC game, I find that already stupid, but when I then torment myself with "Einfg" and "Entf" in the Buy menu (Instead of simply activating the Mouse and the Mouse wheel too I have to use it) I think this is already very poor BUT when you look at how insanely bad the Game was ported is the Summit: Press to the confirmation Key "A" to go back key "B" but not on the Controller but on the Keyboard. "Good" I think of myself "you just switch to Controllers" (which is already confessed enough in a Game which was ported especially for PC) once the Button hit too much and can no longer cast Spells. Btw the Game Does not allow for even certain Control changes: Interargating is standard on TAB so but because I don't like that I put it down to F in The Original, it was not a Problem, but in Anniversary the Game does not allow that, since you can get directly from the Control change to Inventory (which is on F). In Fable The Lost Chapters, the Tutorial Texts were changed when I applied my Controls, not in Anniversary. The Graphics are moderately good, the Textures have been revised and I also found a Spot where Stones were sensibly removed (at the Entrance to the Hero's Forest) but sideways from the Main field of Vision the graphics become blurry and spongy. The Characters look almost invariably stupid in the Face and are shanded. Even the Hero just looks like an Depp from Childhood to Age in the Face. What you have to think is good for the Game is that you have simplified the eternal click through the Menu. By simply taking the Mouse out of the Game. Conclusion: Not only does the Game offer little good, new, it even worsens things that were better in the Original and that although some of them were not so well solved in themselves. Leave your Fingers off if you have to spend more than £10 on it. This, by the way, comes from a Pre-order and Fable Lover. What I have to keep the Game to Good, though, is that the Game is modding friendly, which could fix a lot.