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House of the Dying Sun review
by Антон Кайзер

Sharp dogfighting mechanics, homeworld aesthetics, dark and deep lore. This game definitely pulled my strings.
"Why did you do all this?" - "Because I want to rest"
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Revenge through the All Story (without Spoiler) The Emperor has fallen, on whose Throne now sits a false King. As a loyal Servant To the one-time leader, we are out for Revenge in House of the Dying Sun and are supposed to destroy everything associated with the unpeaceful Transition of power. This is the common Thread that guides us through the 15 Or so missions and much more should not be expected of History either. At the Heart of the space shooter is clearly Gameplay. By The way, the Descriptive texts are atmospheric In quite martial English, which can cause a few comprehension problems with average Foreign language Skills. However, the concrete Mission objectives were always clear enough. Optics & Atmosphere The Style of House of the Dying Sun can be described as rather colorful and yet rather minimalist. Where The Details of the other Spaceships and Asteroids Show The Limits of the One-man developer studio Marauder Interactive, the atmospheric Colour scheme and the beautiful space clouds make for a pretty overall Picture. I played the Game in VR With an Oculus Rift and was very fond of the technical Implementation. The detailed Cockpit, a solid Soundscape and a pleasantly brisk Pace of play have created a great Mittendrin feel. Motion Sickness or the like were no longer an Issue with me personally, at least after a short Period of Adjustment. Summs & Game Design With the one-time Play of The missions, the average Player is likely to be employed for about three Hours. Those are basically always about destroying a Target or protecting an allied Ship and then warping it out of the Zone again, there is still an optional Additional Target. So You shouldn't expect big Surprises with Mission Design. For this, the Battles with a Gamepad just feel really good, the Hit Feedback is impeccable with most Weapons and The Control of the spacecraft also goes elegantly out of hand. Thanks to some Auxiliary Systems, the overview in the sometimes quite chaotic Battles remains intact. There is a special Indication of the Tactical View, the activation of Which pauses the Game and we can Calmly get an Idea of the current Combat Situation and the Condition of enemy Ships. Another Special Feature of House of the Dying Sun: We ourselves have an ever-expanding fleet, which supports us and to which we can also assign our own Commands In the Tactics view. By successfully Completing Missions, we get Points that we can invest in new Technologies for our Spaceships. In addition, we are gradually releasing alternative Weapon systems that allow for new Styles of play. In addition to the regular Missions, there is also an endless mode with changing Scenarios for a bit of Long-term Motivation. Balance Each Mission is available in three Levels of difficulty, with the Level of challenge fluctuating somewhat. Some Tasks were not a sugar Slot at the lightest Stage, while others were not to master at the first Attempt without any Problems. In general, it is a pity that, before The Mission start, there is no Evidence available about the enemy target that would facilitate the choice of Weapons. If, for example, the enemy Cruiser does not have a Shield, I would rather take the Weapon, which directly causes high Armor Damage. In general, Despite Tutorial, a House of the Dying Sun doesn't really explain a lot of features-so some Patience and Initiative don't hurt. Conclusion House of the Dying Sun is an entertaining space shooter that can convince especially with its great Gunplay and clean VR implementation! The Tactical Mode and its own Fleet bring some fresh Approaches, whereby No great Experiments are dared in mission design itself. Rating 76