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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy review
by loaayahmad

I didn’t except it to be that good, had soo much fun playing it even the story and the characters were soo good

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Eidos's GotG was a fun romp that had excellent cohesion in it's execution of what you'd expect the vision of a GotG could be. That kind of commitment to what kind of game you're making should always be commended. Only downside is it dragged a little bit at the end which made me excited to wrap it up and move on instead of wanting more. A critique that could also be said about most Marvel movies too, ironically enough...
Good story, amazing dialogues, boring combat, too long, repetitive level design and puzzles, overrated.
My first impressions weren’t good. It’s weird hearing these non MCU voices. It’s not the games fault but it sounds like the knock off version of the “real” characters for me. The writing, which I’ve heard great things about, I didn’t think was good. At least not to start. The gameplay seems like it’s going to be boring and a worse version of the final fantasy combat that I already don’t really like. I’m very early on so all this is subject to change but my early prediction is I don’t like this game much.

Okay I’ve started laughing. They got me a few times.

The gameplay is kind of boring but the locations, story and writing has been decent. I wish they didn’t say “flork” every third line. That’s getting old but overall it has been a fun story and it is pretty funny.

I’d compare this game to high on life. Very generic gameplay but the world and story and writing is enjoyable. High on life is better though. 

Besides the ridiculously excessive use of their made up f word Flork, I do think the writing is actually good. 

For a game so focused on dialogue I’ve had a lot of audio glitches where people are supposed to be talking but the sound doesn’t come in. Also lots of conversations just stop mid way when there is no reason for them to get cut off.

I hate the huddles. The choices and speeches should be way better if you are making this a mechanic in the game. They are so cringy and sometimes they don’t even make sense.

The progression and combat is very weak. The animations are weak. The only thing going for this game is the story is interesting enough and the comedy sometimes works. I still like drax. He’s very similar to MCU Drax and that works. I like this gamers too. I’m so so on rocket and star lord. Groot is groot.

Finished it. I would have enjoyed it more if it was like 2/3rds as long. It was dragging on I felt by the end. I was over it. I can see why people like this game, especially kids, but I think it’s over rated. There are only a few things it does well and a lot that could be done a lot better.

Final Score: B
This is my first platinum game. Such an awesome game, with beautiful graphics, fluid motion and great story. The voice artists did an awesome with the dialogues, there are a ton of dialogues and character moments to explore. 

The combat is never really tough and very easy once you get the hang of it. It is designed such that it makes you really feel like you are in star-lord's shoes leading the team with combat.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
Story, jokes, characters, and absurd events alongside with a nice challenge. I enjoyed a lot!
«Can’t stop playing»
«Blew my mind»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Can’t stop playing»
mass effect in marvel universe