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Nioh review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Not a bad start. The combat does feel pretty good. I like the three stances. It seems like it’s quite in depth. The story start was all over the place and I don’t have a clue what’s going on. But that’s not really an issue.

Nioh is great. I actually really like the mission select feature. Biggest complaint with dark souls and bloodborne is I don’t like having to memorize where I’ve gone and where I still need to go. Thats partly why Eldrin ring is the GOAT. Because you can mark up the map. Having smaller levels and mission select is a welcome change.

The combat is really good and there seems to be a ton of options to build up your character. Games a high B+ and on track for an A- if it doesn’t stall.

One area that I’d say nioh is better than souls is the ability to change your play style more often. Because of the levelling and crafting system in souls you really only use a couple weapons and usually find a main that you just use for the rest of the game. In nioh I’m switching up my weapon a lot and that’s kept it feeling fresh. I like a lot of the weapons too.

The use of long range weapons, the ninja stuff, and the magic stuff is all really fun to use. They flow very well together. 

I keep loving this game. I feel like I’m late to this conclusion but there must be a community that says this game is better than souls. The combat at least. I had a side mission boss fight where I probably tried 30 times before winning and somehow I wasn’t getting frustrated. It was a wicked samurai battle.

I’m not at the point yet that I think nioh is better than any soulsborne game. But there are areas it’s better. Combat variety, specifically the ability to have combat variety in a single play through is a big advantage for nioh. I’m really liking the samurai sword, the chain scythe, the ax/hammers, and even the spears. Plus they all have 3 stances that you can mix and match. This combined with the ninja and magic abilities creates an incredibly deep combat system. In dark souls when I’m stuck on a boss or area I’m essentially just trying to do it again and again until I get better and recognize patterns. With nioh I have to recognize patterns, but I can also switch up which stances and weapons I use to see if one is more suitable for the situation. And I can also switch up which ninja and magic moves I use to see if there are any weaknesses I can exploit. Here’s the best compliment I can give right now. I’m maybe 1/3 or 1/2 way through nioh and I’ve already decided I’m playing nioh 2 as well as the two new upcoming games Wu Long and rise of the Ronan. I also will probably go back and play ninja gaiden 1 and 3… I already enjoyed 2 when I played it awhile back.

I’m consistently enjoying nioh. There’s been like no slow parts for me. I’ve done every side mission so far. Haven’t skipped any. That’s a big sign that I’m loving nioh.

Demon cat boss fight was wild. Comical and fun.

Giant toad smoking a pipe boss fight was also awesome.

After taking a pretty decent break to play MW2, GOWR and a few other smaller games I’ve returned to nioh. It took a day or so to get back in the rhythm but I’m back to loving it. I focused on using a sword to get back in the hang of it and now I’m using axes again. This game is excellent, mostly due to the combat. At this point I’m starting to notice the enemy repetition but it’s not an issue yet as the combat has so many layers to it. I may be fighting a good number of the same enemies but my weapons, move sets, equipment and magic are still ever changing. The difficulty feels right also, that’s hard to nail and it will be too hard for some people but I haven’t been struggling. It’s challenging but you have so many tools at your disposal. Some levels are kind of generic but a good number of them have a cool unique aesthetic as well. The evil guys flying crystal fortress area is great. The epic war battlefield was great. Nioh is awesome. The story is laughably bad. I’ve skipped a few cutscenes, which I rarely do for games. And other scenes I watch and start laughing at how bad they are. Nioh’s “I fight for those who fight for peace” was a great cringe line. I wish this game had a clock count because it feels quite long as well.

Finished it. Final Kelley fight was a let down but the English dude after wasn’t bad.

Final Score: A-

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