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Need for Speed: Underground review
by zNeverSleep

Great game.

It's enjoyable to play, especially if you're not accustomed to playing racing games with a proper sense of progression anymore. While I'm a fan of Forza games, I have to admit that I genuinely missed this kind of experience. Starting with a seemingly "underpowered" car and progressively becoming faster through your own skill and effort is an incredibly satisfying feeling.

In terms of gameplay, considering it's a game from 2003, it remains impressive. However, there are certain aspects that haven't aged well. I wasn't particularly fond of the gimmick NPCs. It becomes evident at some point that the game employs calculations to position cars conveniently along your route. Beyond the sixtieth event, the game introduces some monotonous six-lap circuits that can become quite tedious – a single mistake hitting a curve or colliding with a gimmick car can lead to failure.

Nevertheless, the cars themselves are impressive, and their customization options are noteworthy. On the other hand, the soundtrack is terrible. Regardless, if you're a fan of racing games, it's definitely worth giving this game a try.
«Just one more turn»

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Gameplay 7/10. Graphics 9/10. Soundtrack 7/10. Storyline 6/10. OVERALL 7.25/10.0 (A 8.0)
«Sit back and relax»
Game that always with me from 2003. Every year, once or twice, I replay it. That's all that you need to know. It's so simple and hard simultaneously. Simulation of drift, maybe not so realistic, but it's a very addictive. My favorite car is Honda S2000 and Drift Track 6. Personal record on it 2 000 000+ points (10 laps).
Recommendation: Play only on PC and with widescreen fix by Thirteenag, recently he also added to that fix deadzone control to make comfortable to play with gamepad. My screenshots, the game still looks marvelous, especially with 21:9 widescreen.