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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR review
by João Carvalho

This may/could be the best way to play Skyrim just because of the immersion it delivers - from the VR itself, to be able to use a bow with both hands, or a sword and shield, it's just so emmersive.
Those are the pros. The biggest issue are that this is a game that is very long and in VR, at least for me, it is very heavy on the eyes, so I can only play for 1h and a half a day. Another con, but expected, is the downscale of the graphics to provide a smooth framerate, but that is manageable.
«Blew my mind»

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The punch-cat build just got way more fun.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
After a good 430h Skyrim and over 200h Skyrim SE, now Skyrim VR 108h, a summary review and also Differences to the regular Basic Game. For the Review The playful Characteristics of Skyrim, are already included in my Skyrim Review, so I will only incorporate the VR Share into the Review here. Pro VR:-thanks to the VR Implementation Partly possible own Attack speed-which means that the legendary Level of Difficulty becomes easier-with The exception of exceptions for the Control Scope of custom-implemented Controls (even a Controller does not have endless Buttons ):p-Game world simply seems bigger and more voluminous Than a Screen ever could through VR-as well as the usual Skyrim Pros from my No VR Review Contra VR:-Water still flows into the Ground AT Rivers (so with the 3rd Version this should finally be fixed)-E Flose in the Control, E.g. picking up Objects or Corpses (necessary for a Mission) where otherwise carry goes not-Damage zones with the Two-handhander lie mainly somehow behind a ... (Frindly Fire pre-programmed)-Melee Hit boxes of Dragons only head and Tail on The Ground no longer E.g. wings-Initial resolution without Steam VR Beta adaptation a Disaster (i.e. with 2 times more rendered resolution in the SVR Beta look quite passable)-Caution for un Experienced VR Players can quickly train Motion Sickness in the first Few Hours (but then give up at the latest with the 2nd day)-a few additional positioning bugs have been added (but nix world-beating) Arcu's Tipping bags As with all Reviews, VR Tips from Me, look for game Content tips in the appropriate No VR Review. 1) Inventory!? The Inventory in the VR Is a sheer Catatrophe especially at the Beginning, you have to develop a lot of Routine, so I seem to you rather go on light Armor, so that you can wear more and not have to torment you so often at the Beginning through the Crumb Inventory That clouds the Fun of the Game enormously at the beginning. 2) Shortkeys! Not everyone wants to read Page WISE VR Text or remember uniquely displayed control Aids, so I write down a few important Keys (Steam VR Controller): Trigger: Perform heavy Attack or work magic, as well as pull weapon (but NOT put away ) Menu Button right: Hold down for Weapon Stuck away, click for Inventory surface Menu Button left: Click for main Menu, hold for ' wait ' Flu button right (back): Release Forces (transformation, Screams, etc.) Flu button left (back): Sneak these are the most unintuitive, otherwise to the Circle circle left: Clear, tap for move press on it for race circle right: Look left/right, rest click on it for Favorites 3) How to: Start with VR Straight untrained VR Players are absolutely initially taking a Break or trying to start sitting and not freestanding, because you have to get used to the inital Acceleration of our Hero first. (Didn't play with the VR Teleport, of course) 4) How to: Supersampling! Already indicated under Contra, Skyrim VR on standard resolution is a Disaster And through the Pixels you also accelerate the Motion sickness, so necessarily in your STEAM VR the Resolution double, if not higher and suddenly you play a different Game. :-) (If you don't check a good Graphics card now and then temperature) 5) How to: Fight! The Matter of the Two-handed Sword has already been mentioned, so I recommend more like 2 One-Handed swords, fought the most pleasantly and you can take full advantage of your Own attack speed, secondary (if you have enough Arrows) Bow to despise either. Verdict-Rating: 75/100 Due To control Losses, Price (€60€), as well as odd Hit boxes and unadjusted Resolution Deductions. All in all, Skyrim and definitely in VR, with the appropriate Measures of resolution and Controllers etc., worth a Look, of course find the Price of €60 massively overpriced, so € 30-40 would have been more appropriate since with the VR Version ( Do not want to say has been fched) but some Blemishes are present. FUN FACT: Often read in other Reviews: YES GIBT SPINNEN!!! XD Na then I wish you like I have a lot of Fun, am also open to any Questions, just write in the Comments. Mfg Arcu A FUN FACT I still have for all those who want to smile at WHAT else in VR Errors can occur. :D Click me!