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Overwatch 2 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Overwatch background. I played the first over two free weekends. I played it a bunch during that time. I thought it was pretty fun but after the free weekends I wasn’t compelled to keep playing. I didn’t get drawn in like others seemed to.

First impressions. The initial launch has been awful on the tech side. It’s like 5 minutes to find a game and games aren’t that long. Plus sometimes you straight up can’t even play. So that aspect sucks but eventually it will be fixed I’m sure.

I think the art style and graphics are pretty bad for this day and age. I haven’t played overwatch 1 in years but I imagine this is barely an improvement, if at all. I have had a couple fun games though. 

I dont think I’ll ever play support. I just don’t like to. Tank and damage only. Early on my best games were with Orisa. Soldier 76 and Cassidy also weren’t bad. At this point I can’t tell if I will play this game for a week and move on or if it will end up liking it more.

Pros: There are a decent number of characters that I like. Cons: They are a lot of duplicates from overwatch 1 so it doesn’t feel that different.

The biggest compliment I’ll give overwatch is that there are a lot of different characters that all feel really good. I keep going back and forth on who my favourites are. It’s hard to decide and that’s a good thing. I still think this games overrated though. It’s not this masterpiece people say it is.

Okay it’s growing on me. It is quite fun, especially when playing with a friend. There’s a long and growing list of characters I like to play as. Ashe, Cassidy, soldier 76, Reaper, bow guy, the dwarf, the tank robot, junk Queen, roadhog, DVA and counting.

Okay I have to admit it. I was a bit harsh on overwatch. I’m having quite a bit of fun. I still think that overwatch is overrated. The first shouldn’t have won GOTY awards. And this one isn’t a new game. It’s a major update that they slapped a 2 on so suckers like me would jump back in. And it worked. But it is a fun game. I keep wanting to test out new characters and come back to old ones. I’ve even found 2 support characters that I like.

Alright I got a good couple weeks out of overwatch 2 and now that COD MW2 is around the corner I probably will never return. But I had a fun time with OW2. It’s a good game. I still don’t think it’s a great game and I can’t ever see myself getting “serious” with it but I did have quite a bit of fun for a little while.

Final Score: B+

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Unbalanced. Not super fun.
Never played OW1 but OW2 feels "meh" to me. 
improves on some small things but destructed so many unnecessary things from the first one.
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That game is amazing. Not the sequel, exactly. I mean the core - since is my first time playing it.

Rich characters, interesting lore, deep gameplay and mechanics, charismatic content creators, amazing OST, and the communication with the community is getting better. Season 3 is the right move.

Unfortunately, since I completed my graduation, I had to let some games go to dedicate to my career, but if this game was discovered by me when I was 15yo... dude, I would be playing 24/7.

In addition: this review was made before I knew that PvE was canceled - at least, the way it should be. Also, it's not right to give this game a high score when the merit behind is from another game.
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