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Homefront: The Revolution review
by BloodScorchedSun

There is a lot of cool things this game does or at least tries to do. I like the idea of a closed in city where the rebels use dirt bikes to get around. The gameplay is pretty sub par when compared to other big FPS games. I think the swapping weapon attachments and mechanics is a really cool idea that not a lot of games have included. I remember pulling up the attachment menu and wondering why it was so familiar. Turns out it's from the Crysis games. The story is pretty boring and very, disgustingly pro-American and this is coming from an American. I don't think it's a bad game to play though for say $20, I had access because of Plus. I mostly played while listening to podcasts, aside from the story beats because I can't miss that rich story. My biggest take away is that in the last area leading up to the end of the game there is an arcade cabinet where you can play the first two levels of Timesplitters 2. Turns out this from the scrapped HD remaster and with codes, you can unlock full ass Timesplitters 2, arcade and all. That was a really cool addition that was a total surprise to find.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
18 Game Hours I have now on the Clock. Actually, I didn't want to play it. The first Attempt was already a great Disappointment, a return at Steam was no longer possible. So at least I didn't want to have paid completely for nothing for the Game and play through it with the utmost Reluctance To tick it off the To Do list. Big Fan of Part 1, badly disappointed by "The Revolution." I stick with the Negative Review-even if presumably no One will read it today, let alone let it stop someone from Buying it. Homefront The Revolution is and remains thrown out money-even when it's in the Sale. "Open World" wants to be it. But Takes you constantly On the short Leash. "No, you're not allowed to conquer the Bases yet. You've got to get Mission XY done first. "" No, you can't enter this Area yet, you have to own this or that thing or that item. " Class I also found the Bases in the third Section. "Base cannot be taken until hearts and Thoughts are at 100%." This means that you have turned on the Radios, Turned off snipers, destroyed Vehicles, etc. Once this is done, Hearts and Thoughts of Resistance are 100%. Was the Case with me. Oh. By the way. You have to keep playing the Main Story. Yes, we know, it wasn't like that in Sections 1 and 2, but here, here's that. But we don't tell you that. Just keep playing the Main Story, then you'll get on it by yourself. In Section 4, I currently have another Base that I cannot occupy. Treasures here, too, I have to keep playing the Main Story for it to go. I will know it again only in Hindsight. No Hint on the part of the Game as to what needs to be done (maybe) before. In addition to the Main Campaign, there are also Side Missions. But You should always have completed it in the respective Section. In the next one, they no longer apply. Even if they're not Location-relevant Quests, but completely mundane Things, like "kill X Soldiers with XY Gear." Has already cleaned an Area, completely eradicated the KVA and not yet completed the Side quest-well, unlucky. In the next Area, the Task could also be completed, but that is not possible. By the way, you have to find out this yourself. Which usually doesn't happen until it's too late, as in my Case. Resources are extremely scarce, the more annoying it is when you once again lose all The Valuables when you die. All completely famed for nothing. And if you think that at the high Prices you get something sensible-far from it. For Example, the tactical Vest for Damage Reduction. Perhaps she also hung out just too long in the Closet of Resistance and Teflon-eating Mosquitoes have left a few Holes. Speaking of Resources. You can also loot the Corpses! Ups. Left "E" Too soon? Or the Character lets off the Corpse because he's being fired upon? Simsalabim. The Resources magically disappear. You can't search the Corpse again. The Things are gone. Get away with it. You're not alone, by the way. Here. Quite a handful of brave Warriors who support you in your Fight against the KVA Regime. Well ok. They usually just stand around stupidly, running against Walls and dying like the fly. ' Hey you Whistle, I'm just getting shelled, could you help me instead of looking out the Window and screaming panicked around the KVA storming the Building? STEHEN BEREITS NEVER DIR! " A dark Room? You look quite bad? No Problem, but there is the Flashlight. I look around here. Oh. Wait. Outside, it's Day. The Flashlight only works at night. Even in Buildings. Well. Just Wait until it's Night, so you can use the Flashlight inside as well. Not a Buck to run far? We have something for you. The Fast Trip. Oh. Wait. This is only shown quite rarely. Can only be accessed via the Map. But Never Works pratkically. The Game just doesn't react. Hey hey, who's going to get right out? Here! Just Take the Motorcycle. What? You ascend, push W to accelerate And the Figure descends again? The Control is also a Complete Disaster? Well, you know yes. It's War, everything is scarce. Bad Times and stuff. But you still have 2 healthy Legs, don't you? Others in this War are worse off than you. Run just on Foot. To finish. Personally, the Game disappointed me all Along.