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Sable review
by zidane

I'd been following this game since it'd be revealed, and I have to say the final product is pretty much everything I'd hoped it'd be. Gameplay wise, the game is essentially a smaller scale BOTW without combat, which may turn some people off it, but I don't think this game would have benefited from enemy encounters at all. Most of the puzzles in the game are roughly on the same level as botw's as well, where they aren't all that difficult but not completely braindead the first few times you do them. That last point adds to my feeling that the game benefits from its smaller indie game scope, perhaps in a larger, 40+ hour game I would have grown bored simply wandering without enemies, and the puzzles would have just become busywork instead of fun, but in Sable's 20ish hour runtime I never felt like what I was doing was tedious or uninteresting.

The more focused scope also lends itself to the game's story, which is far more personal in nature. Unlike most other open world games, you're not setting out to change the world, you're simply a child on a coming of age journey, but that perspective makes the world you're setting out to see for the first time even more enticing. There's no overarching threat you're avoiding by simply meandering about, basically any side content has its justification as your character Sable trying to find her place in the world, and the relaxed tone of the story matches the gameplay quite well. This is something I normally wouldn't bring up in regards to a game, but the way the actual dialogue and prose of the game is very interesting, feeling almost like you're reading a book (in an entirely good way). Dialogue doesn't just give you what the characters are saying, but lots of Sable's own perspective, describing another character's expressions, the environment, and her own thoughts in a way that is genuinely endearing. While the story's not a tearjerker, I found the end of the journey to be quite touching in a way that was almost like saying goodbye.

The only notable downside of the game that I can think of is that it can be buggy at times, more than average for a game, though thankfully I didn't experience anything gamebreaking. During my time playing this game it served as a way for me to unwind after the day, with the gameplay being engaging but not stressful. The ost is also incredible as well, and along with the game's unique visuals the experience as a whole is unlike anything else (which is unfornuate, because I desperately want more games like this now). If you enjoy open world exploration and don't mind games with a more laid back pace, I'd highly recommend this one.
«Sit back and relax»
«OST on repeat»

Other reviews7

Played for a good couple of hours on PS5 and enjoyed the game and it’s visual style, but performance (jittery framerate, disappearing UI, spastic camera) is so bad, that I won’t be continuing. 
This game is just roaming around doing tasks with finicky climbing and camera, no story, no combat, no puzzles, not fun
First impressions. The world looks cool but it seems like most of what the game has to offer is just roaming around this cool world which may not be enough, especially since I have about a week to play this game before it leaves gamepass. 

This isn’t a game to rush since it’s all about natural relaxing exploration so I’m not going to play it. It isn’t a binge game. If it wasn’t leaving Gamepass then I’d probably keep playing it since the world is cool but it’s just not a game to power through. That won’t be fun. It’s the type of game where I would play an hour every now and again when I just want to roam around and try to climb a few mountains and structures. Seemed like there is something to it so if it comes back to GP I’ll give it another go.
I like the art style and the vibe, but the maneuvering and camera are really bad for a 3d platformer.
If you need to chill out this is the game you are looking for. 
«Sit back and relax»
A wonderful exploration voyage of the land and the mind that gets often ruined by massive framerate issues and stutters.

Bugs can be fixed in the future and what remains is a game we have never seen before and we will not experience again for a long time.
«Blew my mind»