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Ring of Pain review
by João Carvalho

very similar to slay the spire but not as addictive.
«Just one more turn»

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Very happy I gave this game a shot before it left gamepass. I’m really liking it. I escaped on my 6th run which felt fast. There’s lots more to do. I’ll try to escape at least 1 more time. Maybe more. The mechanics seem pretty deep. Hopefully there are a variety of good strategies. Also, great game to play on the steam deck while watching football in the background.

Well I’ve failed about the next ten times. One time I was right near the end and I don’t understand what happened but these three cards all did 42 damage and they were all even monsters. I was going to fast and didn’t read what special or ability made it happen. That was disappointing. I just had another run where I had this great build and I was 3/4 through the first area and then I died out of nowhere because I didn’t look at what was coming then got trapped by explosive monsters. Fuck.

This game is great. I’ve played roughly 10 hours now. I have 3 wins and a few more runs that were painfully close only to fail. This game is hard. I like the style as well. The atmosphere and themes are great. You can fuck up a run really fast. I’m super glad I have this game a shot. I think I play it right up until it leaves gamepass. 

Fun game. I beat it 4 times on easy (using different starting candles) and twice on medium. Played 15 hours and even if it wasn’t leaving gamepass I’d be ready to call it quits. I tried a few rounds on hard and I think I could do it if I get good rolls but I’m not going to try anymore. 

Final Score: B+