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The Entropy Centre review
by Foxotic


From what was shown in the demo was a vague interpretation of Portal 2's backstory without any of the charm, charismatic storytelling, or clever puzzles. 

I felt there were so many opportunities in which the mechanic of reversing time could have been better utilized, and nearly every puzzle was my first guess for the solution, which otherwise should have been the red herring. This game barely sheds off any ideas that really make you think outside of the box. 

TLDR: Just figure out what order the buttons are supposed to be pressed, and do the steps. Makes zero effort in using the player's body or physics as variables, and the main gun character is absurdly unfunny.

Oh, and the Earth Explodes, but it's fine just rewind the explosion happening and the event before it just never existed. 
Would pass on this game unless they offer it for $4.99, or a longer demo that actually showcases the "hype" features in the trailer played at the end - Just not sold on the capabilities of the narrative/mechanics yet.

Can give props to a dev team for teasing with a demo (more studios should do this), but this was not enough content to showcase what this game is going to unfold enough to care.
«Disappointment of the year»
«I could make it better»
«Game over at last!»

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This was a triumph. If you enjoyed Portal, this game should be right up your alley.