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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Just finished the ghillie in the mist mission. This campaign is awesome so far. I’d say almost as good as MW. I’m very excited for the multiplayer. The guns feel amazing.  

The campaign is awesome. The sliding shipping containers mission was really fun. The different locations have been cool. I’m very much enjoying it. Like almost as much as MW1.

First day of the multiplayer has been really fun too. Initially I like the new perk system and the new attachments system. The game looks amazing. It plays very well. I even think the maps are good. Ground war looks to be better than it was in MW. It might be my favourite game mode until warzone. My only complaint is I wish there was gun fight. I loved gun fight and I’d be playing it a bunch if they had it.

Invasion is a great new mode. I might actually like it more than ground war. Not sure. It’s excellent sniping practise and a great way to test out medium/long range set ups.

This is a high quality COD. First impressions are that’s easily the best since MW, but it has a long road to surpass MW. An almost impossible road based on how much fun I had with Warzone during COVID lockdown.

My biggest “complaint” so far is that I have to be honest with myself and admit that I’m really not that good at normal COD multiplayer. 

Finished the campaign. The conclusion wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped but overall the campaign was still very fun. Killing graves in that hide and seek tank fight was a bit underwhelming. Then the final bomb disarm / crafting segment isn’t how I would have ended it.

I love the multiplayer. For base multiplayer I might like it more than MW1. I think I do. I wish it had gun fight. But ground war and invasion are a good addition that’s almost as good. I know MW had ground war but it wasn’t as good. I really like the attachments system and the gun unlocks system. I enjoying working my way through the different guns. 

The quick ADS one shot to upper chest marksman rifles are really fun. I’m getting some crazy kills with them. Both in ground war, invasion and normal multiplayer. There are so many fun to use guns in this game.

Warzone 2 is out! Woo hoo. First game was a dou with Hayden and we came second. I got 7 kills. Very strong start.

First impression is that this is an improvement. I love how the guns and game in general feels and the map looks really good too. I like no loadouts for a change up. I still don’t really know how buying weapons works. 

Okay day 2 and I have a few complaints. It’s to hard to pick up weapons and items. They sometimes get stacked on top of each other and it takes way to long finding the proper angle. The ping needs to be more easy to see that a light grey. And my main complaint is that there’s no one shot headshot with a sniper. That’s a big bummer for me. My biggest highlights in Warzone 1 were wicked long range snipes. Also, the No loadouts advertising was a lie. There are still loadouts drops, just they are free for all for who gets them, and you can always buy custom guns. I also had a frustrating bug where after using a kill streak I couldn’t control my player anymore. It wrecked a game where we had a great set up.

Proximity chat is hilarious.

Got my first win finally. It was squads but I only started with three guys and about halfway through one other guy just left so it was only two of us and we were fucking on it. We rotated and attacked squads and played position. I got 8 kills and he got 11. Neither one of us died all game. I fucking loved it.

Played a few rounds of DMZ to get the M13b unlocked and it was pretty fun. I’d do it again. It was a nice change up and a good way to level up snipers.

I think I’m finally pretty much done with the base multiplayer. I really enjoyed it, even more than MW 2019. I loved levelling up guns and going for weapon skins. I thought I would keep going till I fully levelled all the guns but I’m a bit short. I still am going to play warzone and DMZ for a bit longer.

MWII ends a very high A-. The campaign was very good. The multiplayer was excellent. Warzone doesn’t hit the same as it did the first time but that’s not because it isn’t as good, it’s just not as novel. DMZ is fun new mode. This is the second best COD in the last 10 or so years.

Got another squads win. And the later in the day I got my first solo win. 7 kills and the final 4 were all me. I even got downed but I had self revive and a durable gas mask so I was able to just barely make it back. Very intense. Very fun. Now let’s see if the flood gates open.

Finally got that duos win with Hayden. It was great.

I probably will still play Warzone every now and again and maybe more DMZ, the coop missions or the new Raid with Hayden but im calling it “finished”. This COD was great.

Warzone Wins:
Random Squads: 3
Solos: 2
Dues with Hayden: 2

 Final Score: A-

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Coming in hot off just beating Cold War, I was hoping for a 1-uping of the Modern Warfare remaster but came away a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the game is good. Graphics and sound are top notch, has some very good mocap. Gameplay is very good as it usually is. I liked a lot of the changes they made to the story but overall this really just felt like a filler game to tide us over until the next game that will undoubtably be the really reimagined MW2. If I didn't pay full price I don't think I'd be so annoyed but that was my fault anyways. 
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