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Pac-Man review
by katventure

What can’t be said about Pac-Man that hasn’t been said before? It’s a game where you run in a labyrinth and try to evade 4 ghosts (of names Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde) and eat all the Pac-dots and the occasional fruit that appears, fruits that the more you advance through the game will give you more points each time. There are also 4 big dots each level that, after you eat them, will allow you to eat the ghosts and gain more points. Remember, this is a game that’s all about gaining points so try to eat as much as you can

I would Recommend to get it in the Pac-Man Museum+ collection not only because It has been the most recent re-release of the game, but because the challenged they give you in that version give you more to do so you just don't turn it off after a day

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revisit it pretty frequently, all things considered.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
The game (incorrect definition for this type of app) a continuous request for money, you pay for not seeing the advertisement, you pay for the tokens you miss, or you keep seeing advertisements even though Laver is already paid to eliminate it, you pay to play at pac-man classic or you look at advertising, in other words, pay pays pay or you look at yourself a ton of advertisements, these apps should be banned. And now let's talk about the difficulty, at first everything is ok, the commands respond precisely and you can pilot the pac-man with good precision, then advancing the commands they start to freak out, the pac-man takes directions on his own and ALWAYS on the wrong side, so obvious that impossible to think is a case. I reiterate these apps disguised as video games should prohibit and sanction, unfortunately both the developer and Apple allow this, and this is not good for the final consumer, in the long run this attitude will lead to abandon the apps and everything they are associated with. Response to the developer asking for clarification. I paid to remove the advertisement and after a few days I deleted the app due to the excessive advertising present, I have nothing else to add I do not wish to collaborate with developers of this type. Hello there, Thank you for the feedback. We do apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you. Please send us your information about it here: The Support team will take care of your ticket and find a solution as fast as possible! Sincerely, The PAC-MAN Team
Translated by
Microsoft from French
The ad would be much less present or better reward players after viewing. Each game will be preceded by an advertisement and once completed, it will be followed by another ad. For a single level, a hard between 1m30 and 5min, it is far too common. On the other hand, it is not necessary to pay a cent to play PAC-MAN. Many levels have been added to the base game and are unlockable with coins that can be amassed ourselves playing. However, unlocking everything will require time and return punctually, day after day, to collect more money, to unlock more levels, etc ... Small world competitions divided into 3 levels of difficulty allow to collect even more, in addition to medals of bronze, silver and gold rewarding us for our ranking the end of a competition. However, I do not yet know what they are used for, and this is not clearly indicated. In summary, a very good game, very simple, that will work regardless of your model of phone. If you can afford to remove the ads, it's always better. Otherwise, it is always possible to play with (what I do) but it is also possible to get annoyed very quickly. Hello there,   PAC-MAN wants you to have a great time playing PAC-MAN! If you have any further feedback for PAC-MAN, please tell us so it can help make it better. Don`t hesitate to contact us here: with questions or comments. Your feedback is really important to us! Sincerely, The PAC-MAN Team
Simple yet extremely addicting. Later improved upon by Ms. Pac-Man, but the original is still pretty darn good.