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In Sound Mind review
by BloodScorchedSun

In a world where a lot of the horror games we get are very samey and typical, this is a breath of fresh air. There is so much to be praised about the game, from it's Metroidvania progression in the hub, to boss design and mechanics. The story is good and unique enough to set it apart.  Acquiring new weapons and items to help unlock areas and progress to get pills to boost your stats always keeps players engaged. The level design in most of the games levels is very good and the boss mechanics and design of their encounters is very good. The music is also good and easy to see why they offered a version with the soundtrack. One thing I found very player friendly is not just ending the level on completion so you can go back and finish side tasks and get collectibles. Theres also an item that will let you see where collectibles are that is very helpful. You can also directly play a level from the menu or go back from the hub to allow you to easily get any missed items or trophies. Really feels like the devs are players as well and know what a hassle it is in other games. I look forward to seeing what these devs do in the future.