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Hot Wheels Unleashed review
by BloodScorchedSun

I don't have a real affinity for Hot Wheels. I had a few growing up, never any of the crazy tracks but I can definitely see the appeal. The game plays great and has a huge variety of vehicles. The one downside I found was how some of the time trials were almost impossible to the point people would cheese it with the rocket car. I know some have spots you are meant to jump to make shortcuts but damn are some razor's edge. Can't really comment on the music or sound as I listened to podcasts exclusively while playing but do love the realistic sounds the cars make when landing and crashing as if you were playing with them. There is also a livery system in the game that is extremely ass backwards. It literally has you designing your livery, uploading it the service and then downloading it before you are able to use it. I'm sure this is to filter offensive content or something along those lines but damn if it isn't unnecessarily tedious.