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God of War: Ragnarök review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Valhalla Review:
Santa Monica essentially shadow dropping a free, story rich, roguelite DLC is so cool. I can’t believe it. 

My first impressions are this is going to be incredible and I “forgot” how amazing GOWR is. I didn’t really forget but it’s been a little while since I played and god damn this game is fucking incredible.

If I’m going to criticize an aspect of Valhalla so far it’s the build variety isn’t much and the build decisions don’t make a big impact. At least not for the first segment of the game. I can see there are lots of locked paths which I’m sure will improve both aspects. It’s a minor complaint for now. 

Oh man I love this mode. I take back what I said about the build variety not being enough. I just wasn’t quite far enough. There are some fun builds. The story is so good too. I’m loving it. Kratos goes to therapy.

Beat it and I loved it. The final Tyr fight was tough. Took me maybe 5 or 6 tries. This was a great piece of extra content. I can’t believe it was free. 

Original Review:

Opening hours are pretty great. I love the early Thor and Odin scene. I really liked the style and voice acting on both those characters. The game looks amazing, minus a few wolves and bears that look fine at normal distance but the fur is not as great as everything else when close up.

10 hours in and I love it. It’s on track to be better than the first. The gameplay is quite similar to the first but slightly improved in a few ways. I love having both the Blades and Axe for the full journey this time around. The environments and enemy variety have been better than the first. There’s a lot of cool enemies and the worlds and locations have been awesome. And I’ve still only been to 3/9 realms.

I liked the first couple Atreus sections. The gameplay is surprisingly fun as Atreus. It’s a fun change up from Kratos. Plus the story segments were great. This is looking to be a fantastic game. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Loved the Narns. Great cutscene. 

Just got the spear. Obviously I’m excited because I was waiting for the new weapon but idk my initial impression was a little bit disappointed. The spear makes sense as he’s from Sparta and it does look cool as far as spears go but just in general I don’t think spears are that cool. I was looking forward to using thors hammer, which I thought we would get. That being said I bet the spear is very fun to use and the axe already plays similar to what the hammer would have been so once I’ve actually played with the spear I may end up thinking it was a great choice.

Like 26 hours in and the gameplay, progression and variety are all improvements over the first. The story currently is on par but there’s room for it to be better than the first of it ends well. The main thing that’s been missing so far is some truly epic battles or scenes. There still hasn’t been anything as epic as the first Baldor fight from the first.

I love the pacing in this game. The constant companion and character changes really keeps it fresh. I just had the reunion with Atreus and Im excited to be back playing with him. That’s a well crafted feat because normally I would not care.

I had a hunch and I was right. The spear is very fun to use.

The crater area was a nice surprise. I had no idea I’d be stumbling upon another big area like that and I loved the prehistoric Dino vibes. This game is so good. It’s getting close to A++. It will need to have a banger ending but it’s at least pit itself in a position to pull it off.

I’m at 39 hours. The longer I play the more I am liking ragnarok. I just discover tyr was Odin all along. That was a good twist. I’m close to the end. I’ve also started doing the muselphiem challenges which have been fun. I’m walking into that final fight with some pretty sweet gear. Sometimes it changes immediately after beating the main storyline so it’s subject to change, but at this point I am thinking I will beat all the side quests including all those berserkers. I won’t hunt down the birds or artifacts, I never enjoy that, but if the map shows me where the remaining boss fights or quests are then I will do them.

I fucking love the music in this game.

Beat the game at 42 hours. Incredible. I loved it. I’m putting this as my current 4th favourite game, behind TLOU2 And ahead of the Witcher 3. I had high expectations and this still surpassed them. My god it was good.

In typical fashion, I played one more day for a little bit after beating the campaign but then fairly quickly decided to call it quits. Maybe, maybe in the future I come back and beat all the side quests, post main campaign content, and finish the crucibles but for now I’m done. 

Final Score: A++

Other reviews17

Bigger and better than GOW 2018 in every way.
While actual combat feels fantastic, fights in cutscenes look a bit weak.
Such a great game. I loved the story and the gameplay. If you liked God of War 2018, you should definitely play this one.
«Blew my mind»
This one affected me more than most games. Top 5 games of all time for me, easily
«OST on repeat»
A great sequel with many improvements and a fun new weapon. Just wish fights between gods weren't just drunken bar brawls in the air most of the time
More than I expected.

After beating the 2018 game, my expectations were ok. I knew it would be a good game, but not this good. There are so many elements that make the game way superior to its predecessor. Obviously, it's not perfect, but good enough to win you.

First, and more important in this new direction... the story. Unlike the first one, where the plot seems to be moveless, where things happen. The development of the characters is much clear and well-made. There were some moments I just couldn't hold myself 'cause they mattered to me. The relationship of Kratos with his son is no longer lonely. He grows with the world beyond and so do we. That moments really can make grown men have a "speck in the eye". The plot itself is amazing. Of course, given its dimensions, it has some holes, but at least for me, "suspension of disbelief" was enough to ignore it, since the messages were more important - and there are many. As we know what Kratos went through, his words mean a lot. The cinematics were also amazing. Truly a cinematography peace.

Alright, about the gameplay, one of my biggest criticisms about the 2018 game... it got better. It still has its problems, since its limits perspective and movement, but the RPG just works way better here. The enemies were diverse and required different approaches. The skill tree was still kinda boring, the weapons skill itself was crazy. The side quests were way essential now, and if I didn't have to return the PS4, I could do it.

Also, an honorable mention: props to the PS4 Slim for how grateful it deals with this game. Truly impressive (and I played the 2018 game in 4K).

Anyway, I loved and thank god it was worth my time.
Was 10/10 Story! And great mechanics as well. Loved playing the game and working my way through what it has to say. The post credit work was also great to explore in. Due to the 9 realms plan, it lacked some cohesiveness in working through the worlds. Some were expansive, others were tight. Midgard felt claustrophobic in how things became limited, yet Svartvelhiem was expansive. SMS also had to put in a repetitive grind again, the Crucible was rough…just pick the easy ones and do it over and over and over…come on guys. Still a great game, but expected more from the next chapter. That might be completely on me though.
«OST on repeat»
Amazing and heartwarming experience. The story is great, the characters are great, and Kratos is the goddamn GOAT. And if you forget that awful part with picking berries with Angrboda for 1 fcking hour, the rest is absolutely brilliant. The fighting style especially is so damn diverse and much improved. AND THE LAST FIGHTS ARE SO DAMN HARD BUT SO SATISFYING  
A more than worthy sequel minimally dragged down by cinematic game design at points
I’m emotionally wrecked
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»