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by BloodScorchedSun

This game was pretty great. Releasing on the doomed Wii-U definitely didn't help exposure for it, which this release on modern platforms remedies. It has the classic Platinum combat you love, mixed with some super powers. The story is also action packed with a good bit of humor mixed in. While it mostly keeps it on the lighthearted side, it captures the same epic feel of some of the Avengers movies and sees our heroes pushed to the limit. With it's release on modern platforms players no longer have the Wii-U tablet. So this either means using the right stick to draw or the touch pad on a Playstation. This works for the most part but a lot of times I found the line going off screen or starting down in the corner, especially during the quick time events. Sometimes the forms require more finesse because of how short your line is but the right stick does not accommodate this as well as the stylus did. I also found the game pausing at random times during cutscenes. This is definitely an underappreciated game with a lot of style that thankfully didn't die with the Wii-U.