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Far Cry Primal review
by BloodScorchedSun

I was surprised with how Ubisoft took the risk with this game but I think it turned out pretty good. We don't really have any games dealing with early man, aside from a few strategy games. This game manages to capture the exploration of the series but also the primitive combat of early man. I enjoyed the base building and taming the animals. There was also something about the 3 factions struggle that I found fascinating. So much of why I like it is how we don't see this setting almost at all. We see a lot of fantasy and scifi stuff but very rarely early man or anything similar. I think it is mostly because it's set so far back, it's interesting to see the reactions to fire weaponry and new innovations in tools and weapons. It is also at the point in the series before 5, where there was more of an emphasis on fun and enjoyability of the game and it's mechanics.
«Can’t stop playing»

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World is too big, too boring, with a story not compelling enough to make you want to finish it.
«Game over at last!»
The best far cry game.
This was actually my favorite Far Cry until 5 dropped. 2nd place aint bad though
Adore it
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
I respect that they made this game. It’s unique and a bit of a risk. I love bows so I enjoyed that aspect and I liked the unique style to this game. But in saying that I did grow a bit bored of this game by the end. It doesn’t have that much depth to it. It’s fun for awhile but nothing special.

Final Score: B+
One of the best Far Cry games in my opinion. More like this, please!
«Blew my mind»
«Liked before it became a hit»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
If you are looking for a Game in which you can make your Opponents flee with Stick and Stone, instead of the same shooting Rockets will find what they are looking for with Far Cry Primal. In the Game, starting with a well-staged Mammoth Hunt, we take on the role of Takkar, the future Master Beast, who is supposed to restore the almost completely exterminated people of the Wenja to the top Spot in the Food Chain. So at the Beginning of the Game you meet the Woman with Earfaible, Sayla. It offers us the first Fast Travel Point in the Game, its Shelter. The Cave will continue to expand as the Game progresses into a solid Village, with Resources that we take in the Game world of Flora and Fauna. With growing the Community, we get new Characters to Face and associated new Quests. The Story itself, however, is unfortunately pale and never really gets going. You free People or kill other Leaders, burn Villages or hunt animals. So the Missions are not really varied. You can get Optical Variety through the ' drug trips ' already known from Far Cry 3 and 4. These always start after a large Sip of Blood from a hollowed-out skull and are beautifully designed. They definitely provide an optical Highlight in the Game. Otherwise, the Game is also strongly oriented in its Mechanics To its Predecessors, who have ensured that people now speak of the Ubisoft formula. Thus, this Time Beacons have to be lit in order to Uncover the Map, instead of radio towers and to improve our Quiver or our Axe, a number of Mammoths have to believe it again. Outposts can be conquered loud or quiet again and ' Strongholds ' (more difficult Outposts) from Far Cry 4 have also made it back into Play. To make such a Udam or Izila (Names of enemy tribes) camp flat, we have Some Weapons at our disposal. So we have the already known Arch in a wide variety of designs, Spears, Axes, Throwing Knives and Slingshots. All these Weapons wear off and, if used up, they need to be recovered. The other Consumables, Bait, "Grenades" (Hives, Fire Pots) can also be restored with The Help of the resources found in the Forest and on the Riverbanks. Usually you have enough Resources to stock up on the deadly Tools. If you don't have enough of a Thing, it is often worth taking a quick Look at the Storage Bag, which stands in every warehouse and is randomly filled with Resources after every past Day. In addition to the Weapons, you can also resort to animals when conquering the Camps or for faster Movement, not for nothing Is one finally called Beast master. So after the corresponding Main Mission, we can tame the Animals, which we find again and again in the beautifully designed Outside World, with a Bait and a long Print on "E" and henceforth call us to Help via a Menu. Should a tamed animal bless the Temporal, you can bring this back for the Exchange of some red Leaves and fight again at its Side. As a result, it is no longer necessary to tame the same Animal once more. On Saber-toothed Tigers, Brown Bears and Mammoths, you can also ride. But The Latter cannot be tamed and therefore not spontaneously called in Battle, which is a bit of a shame, but probably due to Balancing. You Have the Main Story and all The side Quests after approx. 20h through, you can go from Hunter to collector and search for the scattered Collectibles in the World. There are also hunting and defense missions to deal with, these usually give a Skill Point as a reward, allowing you to fully unlock your Extensive Talent tree. Pro: + Authentic World 10,000 B.C. + good Control + entertaining hunting + beautiful implementation of the Hunter-gatherer + meaningful Integration of the animals + no Synchronization → Atmosphere + ' beautiful drug Rips ' + unusual Setting Con:-low LOD (pale Backgrounds)- stalled Ubisoft formula-boring Story-uninspired Missions