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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed review
by Dima064

Completed as of writing this review: Base Game with some optional things.

This one is really tough to review actually.
It has more value than the first game in these spin-off series but has less fun in it. You have Single-Player things, such as World Tour, Grand Prix, and Single Race. But the only time this game starts to shine is multiplayer. If you have friends as skilled as you are, you won't regret playing this game with them. Sure, there are some frustrating things, like the physics messing up, but it doesn't happen really that much. As for World Tour, it's much less creative than the first game. If you are a skilled player, you can complete World Tour with ease and unlock the Expert difficulty, which is the only thing you would want to have and never come back to this mode. But if you are skilled for Expert difficulty, that's where this game begins to be boring. Nonetheless, it's still a fun experience!
If you are not happy with Team Sonic Racing, give this one a try. It won't disappoint!
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»
«Beaten more than once»

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7.0/10 (3DS Version)
«Better with friends»
A thoroughly competent kart racer that's a bit more difficult than MarioKart. Lacks the distinct charm and polish of the latter, but is an interesting take on the formula nonetheless.
Games with local couch co-op deserve an upvote.

Fun game, quick races. For the starving Skies of Arcadia fans a must buy for the character of Vyse and the most amazing themed level design.

The only real issue is the lack of a decent tutorial and a huge difference in game difficulty between easy and medium.
Honestly the best Kart Racer that exists Mario KArt can suck it
«Just one more turn»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Who is a classic PC player and does not own a Console, but may still have liked to play with the siblings, Cousins or friends at the time on the local video game platform Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing or other Games of this "Happy Hurrah"/Party Art , will also have fun with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed with Certainty! I was last looking for just such a Game. This one has met and even exceeded all Expectations. Whether alone or with Friends, Fun is guaranteed. Many playable Routes that can be travelled in a variety of Modes. Race, Time Trial, KnockOut, Drifting and some more. The Routes themselves are divided into various Parts. You drive them partly by Kart, Boat or even by plane and the World changes from Lap to Lap during a Race. So no Boredom occurs, seems very dynamic and remains exciting. More than 20 Characters can be selected, all of which offer different driver Profile/properties. So there's something for every Guy. The "& All-Stars" in the Name already hints at it, they are not just Riders from the Sonic universe. So If you can't do something with it directly, Take a Character from Team Fortess 2. The multiplayer mode is both Online and Offline Playable because the Game offers a Split screen. This is far from a foregone conclusion at this Day and age. A Gamepad is, of course, recommended, otherwise the desired Gaming Experience will not arise. For me, the best party/Arcade racer on Steam. However, there is also not much Competition.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Adhesive must dress very warm! Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is undoubtedly the best Mario Kart Clone ever developed, it is easy on All Concerns on par with the Original. Only Blur from Bizzarre Creations can still top it, but this is not a real Clone With his adult approach. Sonic offers everything Mario offers in terms of fan service for Nintendo fans: Here countless Characters from Sega Games deliver a hot Kart Race through the Colorful Sega worlds. So you race online or in the Four-split-screen with Sonic, Tails and Co, but also with more exotic Characters like the Assassin from Shogun-Total War or Ulala from Space Channel 5 through the Worlds of Tanks Dragoon, Sonic, Nights into Dreams and Co. Only Disney'S Wreck It Ralph seems to me like an unwanted Foreign Body in the sunnest so perfect Sega world. But you Don't have to play the must-and to paint it with Power-Ups is all the more Fun! Overall, the Races-typical Sonic-seem to me to be running a little faster than with the Italian Klempner. The Balancing seems balanced to me, and the Transformation in water or Air Sections brings an additional Challenge into play. However, I sometimes find the Steering in the Water and in the Air to be a bit too sluggish, so sometimes, but rarely, I long back to the Predecessor with pure Street Courses. But there are simply more of everything here: More Modes, Characters, tracks and and and so on. In addition, Mods can be unlocked, which are funnily enough named after classic Sega consoles, with which you can improve your Cars and Customize them. The Degree Of difficulty rises sharply in later Races on the middle Mode-But you want to be challenged! Had Bayonetta Been added as a Character-The Game would be Perfect. The Game is just a lot of Fun with Friends. Especially for Sega Fans, but also for anyone without a Nintendo console and those who want a faster kart race.
though there are no control options like, at all, I still think this game isn't half bad and it has its moments of solid kart racing. I don't know why some of the characters are there and the games quite shallow but it's all it needs to be.
«Sit back and relax»
Nice racing game, not a competition to Mario Kart but quite playable.