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Sonic Jump review
by Dima064

Completed as of writing this review: 100%

As one of those people who has played a Java version in their childhood, I’d say that this is a good remake. The visuals are simple yet colorful and pretty well designed. The gameplay is… well it’s Doodle Jump but Sonic, though a pretty good clone anyway. It is a nice time for just a couple of bucks, although you can clearly see it being a 2012 mobile game, as that was the time when mobile gaming rarely meant “an obligatory free game with 10 ads per minute”. This game is FILLED with microtransactions and funnily enough most of the time they are for a price of the game itself or even more. I know that this game was made when a couple of bucks was really just a couple of bucks but nowadays there’s no adjustment for inflation, so as someone who lives in a third-world country, I’ll still count that as a minus. That also means this game is ridiculously grindy, so if you don’t know one exploit in one of the stages, prepare to grind for at least a month. The missions can be annoying sometimes, as they are required to get the characters for free, consisting of “Collect 1000 rings” while you can’t even collect 50 per stage most of the time.

But that’s all optional. The base game experience itself is fine, I guess. The stages are pretty well designed and are unique between each other. I was fortunate enough to play when the game was actually finished with a final zone released in an update 4 years later after the game’s initial release. And even at that the final boss had no music… Yeah, pretty rough game if you look deeply enough but as a time-killer it passes. Still shows how greedy Hardlight was even before the games they are maintaining today.
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Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Nice game. I've been intriped as often happens when I see Sonic. Interesting Formula x cell phones with a sonic that travels vertically, with time this type of scrolling takes you a lot and is also fluid. With a bit of effort you can enhance and unlock the characters even without buying in the store. I mean it's one of those few games that you can afford not to spend a penny on.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
This game is excellent! It has great graphics, even more beautiful if you have a retina display, a gameplay that looks very much like that of a mega jump or a doodle jump, but with lots of elements in addition, including a super friendly story mode, and a correct lifespan Since you're going to spend a lot of time finishing the story mode, or improving your score in Arcade mode! In short, if you like games of the genre "jump", this game is made for you!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Very good games but the fact that one can not hit on the scrolling (the right and left edges) of the screen spoils one can. The speed of Sonic also to was a bit diminished, but for a platformer it's normal. One of the pure problems of this game is the continuity of the screen! Above the continuity is perfect, but downstairs, we can not fall back, we are obliged to stay at the platform of the screen otherwise we die. The ridge that one can not control the leap of Sonic also is a can annoying (basically, a Pat to blow it up and we can stop. But the no, Sonic put on his spring shoes. ). Good setting apart from its flaws, Sonic remains a good game.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Anyone who calls the Game a Clap Of Doodle Jump should find out better, because the Game was already available in 2006 for the mobile Phone, three Years before Doodle Jump. If you take that to the Basis, you should probably call Doodle Jump rather than a stripped-down Clone ... But now to the Game: I Personally like Sonic Jump better than Doodle Jump, as in several short Levels you have to try to get a better Rating through better Times and fewer Clashes with Opponents. In Addition, the Game is at least beginning to be embedded in a Plot. Sound and Optics fit great And allow retrofeelings to Be awakened in players who still know Sonic from Master System or Mega Drive. A small Downer, however, is the In-app purchases, which only impatient Players have to resort to. All in all, all Extras can be reached without too much Effort and at no additional Cost. Therefore, and because I got it for free (otherwise 0.89€) through the "12 Days" promotion, there are still 5 Stars.