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Sonic Adventure review
by Dima064

Completed as of writing this review: 100%.

As being one of the active Sonic Fans, I don't really see Sonic Adventure as "Sonic's rocky start from 3D". Sonic Adventure features 6 characters and only 4 of them are not bad. Amy and Big are pretty mediocre, but their stories aren't really long. Sonic's gameplay is based more on running over obstacles, while sometimes getting through automated sections. His stages are the longest and the best. Tails' gameplay is based on racing with Sonic. His stages are just shorter versions of Sonic's stages. Knuckles is more focused on treasure hunting. They can be confusing sometimes, but you can get used to them really quickly. Amy's story is focused on running from a robot named Zero. They're quite boring and repetitive. Big is based on fishing and it's really bad, but he has only 4 stages, so if you get used to the physics, you will finish his story no problem. You can also play as Eggman's creation called "E-102 Gamma". He is an example of how to make a simplistic and actual heartwarming story. His gameplay is just shooting enemies in the third person.
There are also Missions, Emblems, and Chao Garden, but they're quite easy to figure out without explanation. Nowadays Adventure is known as the "rocky start" and most people on Youtube are making fun of glitches and visual design. But they are playing the DX port, which has many things, that are absent in the original game. If you don't own a Dreamcast (who does nowadays) and want to have a true Sonic Adventure experience, consider buying SADX on Steam and looking up for BetterSADX with Dreamcast Conversion mod. As for this game. It's fun to play and not boring, even after 100 hours of playing. You should give it a go! 1 like
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