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Sonic Origins review
by Dima064

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It's not worth the price!
An another way for SEGA Marketing department to have us in their handcuffs, as they delisted the originals and forced us to buy this half-assed version, while emphasizing on the fact that we begged the remasters to be ported to consoles and PC for almost a decade. The first two MegaDrive games are ported... ok? I don't remember major issues with them. Sonic CD though was a really mixed bag. They decided to upscale the opening and ending, while ruining the ending's original feel that was done the best in the 2011 release. I'm still disappointed as hell at them for removing the satisfying good ending sound that always gave me goosebumps because it was so good. Sonic 3 & Knuckles though? This is the most unfortunate, as the developer of the remaster stated that the engines' clash introduced the new bugs and also there was no time to fix them as this was rushed for anniversary. Also new renditions of so-called "PC collection" themes are barely listenable. The menus also are badly optimized because of Hedgehog Engine 2 without the option to do anything besides lowering the resolution. Not to mention the boldness of them to sell the fucking animations for menus in real money. Missions are also lackluster in some way. The challenge itself is fine, but the presentation feels unpolished with all those boxes meant to stop the player from getting out of bounds. And the "classic mode" is just 4:3 aspect ratio (not correctly centered btw) with lives. No emulation, no original experience. I don't have access to this game anymore as I played through Family Sharing, but I don't miss this game at all. I have bought the originals before that, so I'm fine playing them and only them.
«Disappointment of the year»
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