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LittleBigPlanet review
by Dima064

Completed as of writing this review: Base Game.

I gotta start off by saying that I'm not a fan of games, art-style from which are based on arts and crafts mashed together.
I've decided to play this game because of it's popularity and it didn't really disappoint.. but also I was right in terms of a childish difficulty, before I was even interested in the series. I enjoyed playing it, liked most of the mechanics presented in levels, it has an interesting take on platforming and yeah, it has it's own charm, like everybody says. But I wouldn't recommend buying it just for the base game though. I'll not be able to experience it, as I'm playing on the emulator, but perhaps there is a lot to explore in a online world with levels made by other creative people. People say that the sequel is better though, which I haven't played yet. But you can give this one a shot!
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