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Meet the Robinsons review
by Dima064

Completed as of writing this review: Base Game with optional things.

One of the many good licensed games of movies from 2000's!
After replaying it in many times in my childhood, trying to beat it far back in 2018 (but failing because I simply lost interest) and finally beating it once again now, I can still say that this game is still good as is! Basically this is Zelda gameplay transformed to be easier and more of it's own thing. I also like the take on this game not being a direct adaptation of the movie, instead it's an expansion of sort to see how it was from Wilbur's perspective. I'm also a sucker for futuristic aesthetic and I'm ALSO a sucker for this time travel shtick the game makes the whole plot about. The plot is basically that one meme where if you move the chair, some history event will change the whole world! Music also has some catchy songs, that are a joy to listen to! There are also mini-games that are their own little fun time.

However it's definitely not perfect... My biggest gripe with this game is it's arcade-y nature. Spoiler, if you miss literally ANYTHING in your way, you have a big chance of the game forcing you to do the story all over again. I was about to go full-on 100% without guides and then I realized I already missed one of the VR Discs and that's where I just gave up and decided to complete the game casually. There is little to no freeroaming and you will have to replay this 4 hour game all over again to go for 100%. Half of the achievements are miss-able and you will literally get your save file deleted if you beat the final boss! No kidding, that's how fucked up it is! Which is why this game is one of the culprits from my childhood of why I hate when the games have miss-able stuff that can only be encountered once in the whole playthrough (at least there is only one ending..). Other than that, the base game experience is great and fun!

Unfortunately this game is almost an abandonware except for X360 version. It doesn't have any remasters or re-releases even on Steam and the PC version is broken on modern PCs. So it's hard to even obtain it by legal means, but if you somehow have the ability to get this game *wink-wink*, I'd highly recommend you check it out, even if you haven't watched the movie! (the movie is good too btw)
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