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Evil West review
by Conny Engblom

I'm usually conservative with my hopes when it comes to games now days but this one sparked a little bit of it, sadly all my interest and patience were gone after about 2h gametime. Graphics is weird but the visuals are good.. i can't put my finger on it  and no amount of fiddling with settings made it better.. like everything just blended together and there is never a real sharpness or clarity making combat incoherent and unfocused and the sluggish and extremely repetitive combat made it all worse.

The story is generic, bad guys makes a move and destroys everything so you go on a revenge mission. The characters are generic and have no depth to them and you feel no connection to them at all. 

It's a game without identity and all it does is giving you flashbacks from other games where you've seen the same mechanics and concepts that made it better.

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Awesome game to just shut your mind and shoot zombies or whatever. Has some bugs but nothing major.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
I went into this game thinking it was going to more of an open world, vampire hunting game. Maybe with some Dakrwatch vibes, a personal cult favorite. I remember seeing a dev video of the character browsing the weapons at a shop, which never happens so it's possible that was a vertical slice or something. I wasn't unpleasantly surprise to find that it is an action adventure that reminds me of Devil May Cry. The way this was handled is pretty impressive honestly. For a PS5 game it doesn't look that great, not terrible, just not great but damn does it play good. There is so much style to just about everything you can do and as you get the later unlocks you can lightning dodge around and really do some work. It can get pretty wild having to manage bigger enemies and fodder trying not to die. They also nailed the flow of using all your abilities and weapons better than Doom Eternal did in my opinion. One thing I hate in games is when they bar you from returning to areas or at least exploring all avenues before moving on. Unfortunately this game doesn't allow you to return to all areas and in most cases it's not obvious at all which way moves the story forward so you will probably end up missing collectibles. Luckily there is a chapter select. I love the design of some of the enemies and the weapons once they get the lightning enhancement. The story is pretty meh with more than a few cringe moments but overall it's fine. I think visually it may come off as a AA title but certainly doesn't play like one.