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Ikai review
by remitoid

The story is not gripping. You're just told to do something to get rid of a haunted object. There is an attempt at some backstory towards the end, but then it's too late and sudden.

Weak gameplay. Puzzles don't feels like they are part of the world, but merely game elements. The puzzles are either very obvious, with the exception of one very cryptic drawing puzzle. But I do like that there is no objective marker, you're allowed to figure out where to go on your own. The area is very small so it's not difficult to stumble into the right place eventually. In any case, the gameplay feels very basic, like what you would expect in a walking simulator (which I don't consider this game being).

The horror part is also lacking. The game is not scary, but relies on crude jump scares instead of building up any tension. There's even a cheap in-your-face jump scare almost every time you die.

The graphics are a bit dated, but serve their purpose. Some sound effects are a bit creepy, but these are repeated too often and lose their power. Was there any music? I can't remember.
«Waste of time»