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The Vagrant review
by Jason Bongiovanni

Like many people I bought this game for two reasons:
1. I saw the Switch was getting it's own edition so it couldn't be that bad
2. It was only $0.79 on Steam
TL;DR: meh, you aren't missing much - 6/10

Graphics 5/10 - I'm going with graphics first because it seems to be what this game is praised for quite a bit. So don't get me wrong, as a static image, most of the locations and character art in this game is quite good. The problem for me was the animation, and lack of detail with that animation. Basically it wasn't smooth enough for me and was too choppy. For example, the main character Vivian, aside from being comically well-endowed does actually have a lot of detail in the frames of her character model (aside from her face which is basically just a copy/past anime girl). There's one animation where she takes a wide swing and for a brief moment you can see a very detailed sprite with a muscular back and legs, but then the choppy animation sticks the character right back in the neutral spot and you kinda forget what you saw.

Gameplay: 7/10 - The controls are smooth, work well, and are easy to master. There's not much else too it. You'll pick up a handful of skills along the way and with a little practice you can master some combos. There isn't much complexity here and after a while the battle strategy feels a bit repetitive. There is a tech tree of sorts, but you don't need to put much thought into it along with the weapons and armor system. There is the start of a good system here but it doesn't get developed much.

Story: 7/10 - Story is pretty basic. I gave it a 7 over a 6 because the developers took the time to throw in a couple endings, as well as some "death" scenes that show your fate should you fail during your quest. The still shots are nice and I wish there were more of them.

Overall I only beat it because I had invested time into it. By the end I regretted my investment. I know that sounds harsh, but I think I was more disappointed at the wasted art potential, and a battle system that doesn't go much beyond basic.
«Waste of time»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game surprised me positively. I really liked the Gameplay and Graphic Style. If you're not bothered by the obligatorily lavish proportions of the female Characters and their "Armour"-which you really shouldn't in this Case-this Action Hack-and-slash-title is pretty well implemented. The Controls don't feel hairy at any Moment, the Skills and normal Attacks feel powerful and the Dodge is also well implemented. The Story is nothing but unprecedented, but most Characters also feel like different Personalities. The Game rewards exploration (if possible) and there is more than enough weapons, Armor and items to find and Improve. Play at the Highest level of Difficulty in the New Game + Now-and have a Heathen Fun! But a much more important Question that has concerned me since the Beginning of the game: How can the Protagonist with all The Fumes and Rumor Hold her Breasts in the 3 Sizes too small BRA?! .... Questions that move the World. P.S. I still suspect Superglue!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Have just bought the Game at Introductory Price of ridiculous 1.99 Euros. But even for 3.99 Euros regular, you can't go wrong. Apart from that, the Programmers probably have a Kind of atom balloon withdrawal complex (Whether you think that's good or not ... Since this was transferred to the Protagonist as well as to some other People in the Game ... It is up to everyone to be left to the Game), and I do not want to be able to do anything about the game. The Graphics are lovingly drawn and staged. Controlling with Controller (With Keyboard you get finger cancer ... Therefore not recommended) is very good. The loosening Cut-up sequence image imitations are beautifully done. Everything runs round and liquid with me without previous Crashes. You get a Game here for really little Money that I Think is offered below the Value. Whether I'm going to play through it is unclear. For one thing, it's so the Hack n Slash Games are not so my Beuteschema Are. On the other hand, I can imagine that the Degree of Difficulty increases considerably with upcoming other Bosses. The first Boss was already quite heavy. Nevertheless, I can recommend it to anyone who likes these Types of Games. Even if you can't play through it because it's too hard. Especially since Playing through is overrated. Back then at Amiga Times you also had dozens of Games that you had never played through. Still, they've brought a lot of Fun and are Cult in Hindsight. So from me clear Thumbs up for a great Game for really little Money.