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The Last of Us Part I review
by radiohead5

The original game but better (:

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Concise Review:
There is nothing else that needs to be said about TLOU. It’s incredible. This version is the clear best way to play. I still wish they spent this time making a new IP rather than a third iteration of TLOU but fuck it, it’s one of the best games ever.


I tried to hold off on buying this as long as I could and I made it until the night before it’s released… I blame my Flex Friday. 100$ after tax was fucking ridiculous. I hate the principle of buying this game. But fuck I am excited to play it. Only played TLOU once about 5 years ago. Let’s fucking go!

I love this game. It’s so good. The detail is incredible. The graphics, lighting and environments are incredible. The voice acting and writing is better than a lot of television. I love the feel of the gameplay. The only way I’d say this game feels dated is gameplay is simple. It feels great. But it is simple.

Sam and Henry conclusion is so good. My jaw dropped. I forgot it happened like that. Those cutscenes were top quality visuals. 

The genius behind the Ellie missions is right out the gate they give you lots of combat and a new rifle that’s really good. Rather than missing playing as Joel they are some of the best missions in terms of gameplay.

That scene where Joel tortured the guys for info and them kills them after. Oof. Great cutscene.

Beat it. The whole game is great. I don’t think there are any slow parts. But the ending is what catapults this game into the A++. It’s perfect. The brutality. The final line of Joel lying to Ellie. Oh man. I absolutely love it. Without the ending it’s still a top tier game, but it isn’t a god tier game. I hope the TV show can pull off the same emption that the game does.

Final Score: A++