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Neon Abyss review
by xXWoodinatorXx

First impressions, I don’t love the feel or gameplay but the rogue lite aspects and potential character builds seem like it could be quite good. I’m having fun. I hope I get a bit better with the feel.

I have gotten better at the gameplay and the builds are really fun. It seems like there are a lot of weapons and items and they do create some unique builds and I have already had a few builds where things work together really nicely and I feel overpowered. That’s what rogue lite are all about.  This game is pretty good. Im liking it.

Another really fun build with the robot that only uses shields. I really liked being able to read the item descriptions.

Neon abyss is quite good. It’s steadily climbing the ranks.

Ended up playing this for a solid 23 hours which was more than I thought I would. It grew on me until it felt repetitive. My main issue was I didn’t like any of the characters except the robot. I didn’t see the appeal or advantage of pretty much all the other characters. I’d try them out and then go back to the robot. Fun game but low B+.

Final Score: B+

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Neon Abyss is a side-scrolling rogue-like platformer that shamelessly rips off The Binding of Isaac. And that's exactly what makes it worth playing.

It has similar itemization, similar room types, floor layouts, health system, followers, pickups, and characters. Unfortunately, it's not executed as well as Isaac. It does a poor job at rewarding the player's game knowledge, some questionably useful items, poor transformations, and less variety in room layouts, floor types, enemies, bosses, and characters.

All that said, I still recommend this to fans of rogue-likes. Don't expect anything ground breaking and enjoy the cyberpunk atmosphere.