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Tainted Grail review
by the_slayer


I played this game for a bit on Game Pass and then bought it during the recent Steam sale.

The world is full of dark Arthurian folk horror vibes. Music is good, though it feels like it's ripped from The Witcher 3.  

The deckbuilding plays quickly and has a good overall feel, though I find that I'm always pushing my luck and constantly underestimating how much your opponents vary in challenge, some battles feel unwinnable with the starting class. 

The variety of characters you can play as is great, it reminds me of Gloomhaven a bit, with the new decks for each character and some of the card patterns that you can play with. 

The Summoner is great, the Archer, Pathfinder - I'm excited to try all the classes out as the game progresses. 

There's a bit of Souls-like uncertainty about what certain items do. The Stagfather's Charm killed me on use, thanks!