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Nobody Saves the World review
by xXWoodinatorXx

One of my gaming podcasts didn’t really like this game so I had low expectations but my initial impressions are it’s pretty good! The style looks nice and the writing has been kinda funny (Easter egg). The gameplay feels basic but the different forms and leveling up feels like it will keep it fresh. We will see.

Lots to do in this game. They throw a bunch of quests at you and the upgrades are very fast. I’m liking it. Its addicting. It’s almost overwhelming at times but there’s a lot of character variety and the writing has continued to be pretty funny. 

I’ve gone back and forth on B+ or B. I like the presentation and the humour. I like the character variety and the mix and max possibilities. The gameplay is basic. Occasionally I find the quests annoying but overall I like the system. It’s doing just enough to stay a B+. 

It’s a bit too long I think. I’m at the point where I have all the forms unlocked except the dragon (which needs the nests) and I don’t have as much motivation to keep upgrading forms now. I want to see it through but if I finished the game an hour ago that would have been perfect for me when I probably still have another hour or 2 left.

I’ve realized that the gameplay is actually very basic and not very challenging or demanding and that’s why I’ve become bored during the final stretch. Each character is fun for like an hour while you test out their new attacks but none have any sustaining power. This is a rare case where I had this as a low B+ but in the end I docked it down to a high B. I rarely knocks games down.

Beat it. Had some fun with it but it overstays it’s welcome.

Final Score: B

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Fantastic game. There's so much variation with all the forms. It keeps it fresh right until the end.

Date Completed: 2022-04-08
Playtime: 18.5h
Enjoyment: 10/10
Recommendation: Yes, it was so good.